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420 Dispensary Deals in Durango

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In the Colorado cannabis industry, “April” is synonymous with “insanity.” It’s just a fact. For us, April is like someone took Christmas and stuffed it with the 4th of July and then wrapped it with a birthday. It really is that awesome because April is the beginning of our cannabis award season, it’s the when all the tourists start flocking to our beautiful state (when they aren’t hobbled by stay-at-home orders), and it’s smackdab in the middle of spring, which goes hand-in-hand with the “flowers” we sell. And this April is going to be crazier than previous Aprils because since it’s 2020, the entire month will be 4/20 (if you’re still a little hazy on why “420” is such a big deal, click HERE for a history lesson).

Granted, this April is obviously a bit different given that there’s a pesky global pandemic dampening everyone’s spirits, but we’re going to stay safe and happy, no matter what. So, before I get to the 4/20 specials we’ll be running, please click HERE to read last week’s blog that explains the new way to shop here during this bizarre time (which will help tons, because we’re going to be ridiculously busy, so if you know the new protocols, it will cut down your wait time).

Alright; here are the deals we’re running on 4/20, which is insanity incarnate. I promise that our shop will be the best one to hit on the special day, but I cannot make any promises about the line. And just to make things safer due to Covid-19, we’ll have lines marked on the ground that are six feet apart. We’ll also have the best weed at the best prices on April 20th, and the people next to you in line will surely be cool, so come hang out. If you do, these deals are waiting for you:


  • All Moroccan and Lebanese Hash will be 50% off, which is exactly the insanity I was talking about.
  • A few of our best Greenery Grown strains will be $7 per gram, $25 per eighth, $45 per quarter, and $85 per half-ounce (which is more than 50% off).
  • And if that’s not good enough, everything full-price in the store will be 20% off. So… everything in the store will be on sale for 20% off… 4/20% off… get it???
  • And if you think that’s cheesy, just wait. On 4/20, you’ll also be able to pick up 4 joints for $20, because we can’t help ourselves when it comes to the numbers “4” or “20” on 4/20.
  • All Incredibles bars will be 25% off, but this special will run all month long
  • Lastly, all 1906 chocolates will be “buy one, get one for $1,” and this is a month-long special as well.

As of right now, that’s all we have planned for 4/20, but I promise you something else will pop up. We always get carried away when it comes to sales because the only thing more fun than selling legal weed is doing so at a discount, so we’ll probably end up adding a surprise or two to the lineup. So please, come see us, because when it comes to 4/20, We’re Your Best Buds!

Best Edibles in Colorado

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Best Edibles in Colorado

I’ll admit it: I’m an edible lush. I can’t remember the last night I drifted off to sleep without a belly full of THC, nor can I remember a Saturday in recent history wherein I didn’t spend the morning in a haze thanks to an edible or two. That, taken in concert with the fact that I work in a dispensary, and the fact that I write about marijuana for this blog and two other local publications, means that I’m well qualified to list “the best edibles in Colorado.” But before we get into all that, I wanted to talk about my methodology for creating this list, because most edible “best of” lists focus too strongly on the food itself. For instance, “taste” is usually the first criteria looked at, but that’s ridiculous. If I want good-tasting candy, I go buy good-tasting candy. But when it comes to an edible, it’s the high that matters, not the food that contains the cannabinoids, so taste will be the last thing I consider in my rankings. Make sense?

Secondly, there’s a caveat we need to get out of the way. I’d imagine that a few of you who found this blog via a Google search have never tried a Colorado recreational edible, so I wanted to leaven this list with a little advice: start small and start slow. Here in Colorado, the regulations make it so a recreational edible cannot have more than 10mg THC per serving (and there cannot be more than 100mg THC in the package), but 10mg THC is way too much for some first-time edible consumers. Most edible producers jumped straight to the maximum 10mg per serving so their product could compete, but when most first-time consumers take “one serving,” it floors them, and they have a terrible first experience. Also, since the THC in an edible takes time to get into your system (it can take up to two hours to feel the full intensity), a lot of first-time consumers end up eating way too much because they don’t feel the high quickly, which they try to fix by eating more. So, if you don’t know how much of a serving suits you, try taking half the gummy (or a quarter if you’re the cautious type), and then wait an entire hour and a half before even considering the other half. And then once you figure out how much THC makes a perfect serving size for you personally, come back to this list and choose accordingly.

Alright… without further ado, here’s my take on The Best Cannabis Infused Edibles in Colorado:

The Best Edible for Nighttime:

3.) Ripple Green Tea Mango Gummies

2.) Dixie Tropic Twist Gummies

1.) 1906 Midnight Dark Chocolate Gems

Starting with number three, all Ripple products are water-soluble, so these gummies take effect very quickly, which is perfect if you’re in a hurry to get to bed. And they have a perfect 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD (each gummy delivers 2.5mg THC/CBD), so the high is mellow and perfect for calming thoughts. The Tropic Twist Gummies from Dixie are infused with an Indica CO2 oil, and each one delivers 10mg THC, which makes them four times as potent as number three, which is perfect for those of us with a high tolerance. And lastly, the 1906 Midnight is as good as an edible gets for the nighttime. Yes, they’re water soluble and they deliver 5mg THC/CBD per serving, but they’re also made with corydalis rhizome extract, so these things will glue you to your sheets like no other edible.

The Best Morning/Daytime Edible:

3.) Sweet Pieces

2.) Binske Mango Gummies

1.) 1906 Go Beans

The Sweet Pieces made it to number three because hard candy makes a perfect backpacking companion, and because each serving delivers 5mg THC and 1.5mg CBD, which is nice. The Mango Gummies from Binske are vegan, believe it or not, and they’re no stranger to “best of” lists because they won Leafly’s edible brand of the year for 2018. The Go Beans, however, are on an entirely different level with it comes to edibles. They’re chocolate-covered coffee beans, and the caffeine pairs perfectly with the extra theobromine and the 5mg of water-soluble THC/CBD in each serving. For real, if not for the caffeine that makes the Go Beans unsuitable for the evening, this product would be my pick for overall best edible, because they’re so, so awesome.

The Best CBD Edible:

3.) Ripple Relief

2.) TasteBudz 50:1 Gummies

1.) Lucky Turtle No Bad Days Tincture

Since Ripple Relief is a water-soluble, tasteless, odorless, instantly-dissolvable powder that you can mix with any food or drink, it deserves its place on the list. The 50:1 gummies from TasteBudz, however, are such a good deal that they landed in second. These gummies are $42 after tax, and each one provides 50mg CBD and 1mg THC (for a CBD package total of 500mg), and that’s insanely affordable. But the No Bad Days tincture contains a whopping 1500mg CBD, making it a 100-day supply, so it definitely wins.

The Best Solventless Edible:

2.) 1906 Beboe Pastilles

1.) Love’s Oven Turtle Brownies

Yes, there are only two winners in this category. It’s because we sell only two solventless edibles given that we haven’t found another option out there that’s good enough for our shelves. And really, that’s a weird thing when you think about it, because since solventless edibles are made without any chemicals whatsoever, you’d think there’d be more demand for them. Oh well. Anyway, “pastille” is just a fancy word for “dissolvable candy,” and these from 1906 are made with decarboxylated bubble hash. That means the only things used to take the THC out of the plant were water and ice, which is pretty cool. The Turtle Brownies that came in first place are made with canna-butter, which is the original way of making edibles. It’s nice to see modern companies stick to traditions, so Love’s Oven is the winner.

The Best Discrete Edible:

3.) Ripple Pure 10

2.) Dixie Mints

1.) Altus Tablets

A lot of our customers are tourists who come from a place where cannabis is still illegal, so many of them turn to discrete edibles out of habit while they’re in Durango. I get it. The Ripple Pure 10 is more of that powder (and there’s nothing more discrete than an infused water bottle), the mints from Dixie are super small mints (the entire package fits in even the smallest pockets), but Altus is the winner. These tablets look much like Advil pills, you get 20 in a container (each of which delivers 5mg THC), and they deliver a spectacular Indica or Sativa high.

The Best Single-Serving Edible:

3.) Caramel Apple Mountain High Sucker

2.) Espresso Chocolate on a Spoon from Coda

1.) Lucky Turtle Honey

I loved those green apple suckers covered with caramel when I was a kid, and now that they make them with marijuana, I love them as an adult, too. Each one delivers 10mg THC and 3mg CBD. When it comes to the espresso chocolate on a spoon, you’re supposed to stir it into hot water to make an infused mocha at home, but these things taste so good that I always skip the water part and eat the chocolate right off the spoon. Each one delivers 10mg THC, and that good taste has nothing to do with this product’s second-place finish: the CO2 oil high is wonderful. However, the 10mg THC/CBD (1:1) honey packet from Lucky Turtle wins. The honey is locally sourced and the high from this single-serving edible is suited for anytime, anywhere.

The Best All-around Edible:

3.) Strawberry Stroopwafel

2.) Taste Buds Kiwi Strawberry Gummies

1.) Coda Cream and Crumble

I know I said that taste is the last thing I look at when ranking edibles, but all three of these winners taste so, so good. For instance, a “Stroopwafel” is two small waffles sandwiched together with sugary strawberry syrup in the middle. As to the Kiwi Strawberry gummies, they’re made with strain-specific oil (meaning only one strain of flower was used), and the quality is as good as a gummy gets. The Cream and Crumble bar, however, is next level. I’ve written about Coda before because this company was founded by Lauren Gockley, one of the best chocolatiers in the world, and their extraction techs have CO2 oil down to an art. The Cream and Crumble bar is made from white chocolate infused with lemon zest and spiced crumble: it tastes a lot like a key lime bar, and it delivers 20, 5mg THC servings, which is rare for a bar.

Boom! List complete. And for the record, no, I didn’t choose these edibles simply because we sell them. It’s no coincidence that we happen to sell all the “best edibles in Colorado,” because we’ve spent years scouring the market for the best of everything. And frankly, that means you get a double whammy when you come here: you can buy the best edibles in Colorado from the best dispensary in Durango. It’s a win/win, which is something we’ve always tried to provide, because We’re Your Best Buds!

The Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana

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You know those bumbling bugs that look just like big mosquitos? Did you just say something like, “yes, those are mosquito eaters”? Well, that’s not what they are; they’re called Crane Flies.

Think about it. If you’ve ever seen a Crane Fly, it was most likely running into a door or a window nonstop like an uncoordinated idiot. And if you’ve ever tried to kill a mosquito, you know those things are pretty much winged ninjas. So, how would a gangly bug like the so-called “mosquito eater” ever catch and eat a mosquito? Well, they can’t, and they don’t, because they’re vegetarians, but people just go on believing that the Crane Fly is a mosquito eater even though logically, it doesn’t make any sense. The reason for this is that since the Crane Fly looks like the lovechild of a mosquito and a bird, they were called “mosquito hawks” back in the day, and since hawks are predatory, people started thinking that mosquito hawks ate mosquitos. But to this day, I cannot understand why the myth persists given that we all have the combined total of human knowledge in our pockets thanks to smartphones. Seriously, if you still don’t believe me, just google “crane fly,” imagine me saying “I told you so,” and then come back to finish reading this.

Anyway, the reason I told you all of that is that there’s another myth out there that could be easily dispelled if people used the encyclopedias in their pockets. Believe it or not, there’s no real difference between hemp and marijuana (or ruderalis, for that matter), because both are the exact same species of plant, Cannabis sativa. If you’re a skeptic who’d like a second opinion, go ask the UDSA via THIS link, because those people know what they’re talking about. Granted, a hemp plant and a marijuana plant look like different plants, but humans have always placed way too much import on looks, which are nothing more than phenotypical differences.

A good way to get a grip on this would be to take a look at humans. For instance, a native African looks a lot different than a Chinese native, but those physical differences are only skin-deep, and they’re governed by a freakishly small amount of our DNA. Underneath it all, that native from Africa and that native from China are the same species because they have the same number of chromosomes, despite the phenotypical differences, and cannabis plants are the same way: they evolved in different parts of the world, so they ended up looking slightly different over time thanks to natural selection.

Alright… I’m going to plow through a whole bunch of science stuff as quickly as I can because it’s boring, and I doubt you went to a dispensary’s website to be bored, so let’s do this: There is only one bona fide species of cannabis (Cannabis sativa, like I said), but there are a bunch of putative sub-species beneath it with colloquial names such as Marijuana, Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. There’s a good article on all of this that you can read HERE that goes much more into depth, but I’m just going to skim the surface. Anyway, Cannabis sativa, or hemp, existed in many places millions of years ago just like most plants, but differing environmental stressors most likely caused to it evolve in funny ways. The Indica variety (which evolved in India, thus the name) turned into a short, squat bush with thick, dark-green fan leaves, as where the Sativa version, which evolved in Eurasia, started to grow much taller with thin, bright-green fan leaves. So, of course, when all the early botanists encountered these plants, they gave them a variety of “scientific” names not knowing that the differences were only skin-deep. And the same can be said for ruderalis, which is just another “sub species” of Cannabis sativa that earned its ruderal nomenclature because it’s a hearty plant that can grow just about anywhere.

Now, if you’re a cannabis nerd, here’s the interesting part: cannabis hasn’t always produced THC or CBD—it’s thought that a virus attacked the hemp population millions of years ago and caused a genetic mutation, possibly as a defense mechanism via a colonization of the plant’s genome, which led to the production of psychoactive cannabinoids in cannabis. Crazy, right? You can read the peer-reviewed study from The University of Toronto HERE.

And of course, it stands to reason that these viruses were more virulent in different areas, so the amount of THC or CBD that was produced differed from region to region. And then humans came along, we figured out that THC could get you high, and we started the not-so-natural selection process of breeding cannabis for high THC output. The cannabis in nature stayed low vis-à-vis cannabinoid content, and then all the differing categories started looking much different (and doing different things), so today, most people assume that they’re all different species, just like most people think that Crane Flies eat mosquitos. Boom. Full circle.

Anyway, all you really need to know is that the difference between hemp and marijuana is nothing more than a human classification, and not something to which nature pays attention. Today, in the cannabis industry, we call cannabis plants “hemp” if they produce less than 0.3% THC by dry weight, and any plant that produces more is called marijuana. That’s the short answer to this blog’s title, even though I was longwinded getting here. And the other thing you need to know is that at The Greenery, we take the time to educate you with posts like this one instead of trying to get you in and out just so we can make money by getting you high. We want you to know the truth behind our favorite plant, and we take pride in the education we give each and every time you visit our Durango dispensary, because We’re Your Best Buds!

Cannabis Commercialism

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Did you know that they have CBD multi-level marketing campaigns out there now? For real, cannabis products have made it into pyramid schemes, and if you haven’t encountered it already, you’ll soon see your old friends from high school selling CBD products on Facebook just like Scentsy or Tupperware. And it doesn’t stop there. I just got some junk mail from Bed Bath and Beyond advertising their new CBD products, Carl’s Junior sold a CBD-infused burger this past 4/20, and the Kardashians even have their own line of CBD cosmetics.

In a way, this is awesome because the stigma surrounding cannabis gets weaker every time a new celebrity or corporation comes out with a CBD line, but in a different light, it’s unfortunate, and I’ll tell you why. All the CBD products that are available nationally are derived from hemp instead of marijuana because hemp is legal everywhere as where marijuana is not. And while hemp produces high amounts of CBD, it produces negligible amounts of all the other cannabinoids like THC, CBN, and CBG. You need all these compounds for a true full-spectrum entourage effect (we’ll talk about that in a second), so hemp doesn’t encompass nearly as much as marijuana. Here’s a good way to think about it:

Hemp is good for making rope, marijuana is good for making drugs.

All the commercialism out there would have you believe there’s no difference between the two, and that’s frustrating because CBD products derived only from hemp haven’t been proven to do that much (read THIS). People with serious ailments who try hemp products usually don’t get much relief, and then they never try the real stuff that’s sold only in dispensaries because they think they already have. It makes me want to stand in public like a town crier and shout, “take marijuana, not rope!” but that would be weird, so I’m writing this blog instead.

Here’s the most important thing you need to know: there’s no such thing as “full-spectrum hemp oil.” And the reason you need to know this is that every single bottle of hemp-derived CBD oil I’ve ever seen says “full spectrum” right on the label. Liars! The term “full spectrum” is something we use in the cannabis industry to describe products that deliver all the cannabinoids that can be found in marijuana, and since hemp doesn’t produce all the cannabinoids, it’s impossible for it to be “full spectrum.” Get it? Granted, some hemp oil has a “fuller” spectrum than others, but it’s still lacking as compared to the complete spectrum marijuana provides. But in their defense, the reason some hemp-derived products are called full spectrum is that there are two ways to get the CBD out of hemp plant matter: a chemical isolation process (that captures only the CBD), or a whole-plant extraction process that gets out everything hemp has to offer. The latter is indeed “full spectrum” when compared to the former, but not when compared to marijuana products.

But the term “full spectrum” doesn’t really matter if you don’t know why it’s important. Basically, a full-spectrum marijuana product is the only way to achieve the entourage effect, which is the synergistic way all the cannabinoids work together to produce a physical or psychoactive effect. Wikipedia can tell you all about it HERE, but long story short, cannabis products both get you high better, and provide better overall effect, if you get ALL the cannabinoids instead of the limited few produced by hemp. And yes, I’ll admit that trace, itty-bitty amounts of secondary cannabinoids (like CBG of THC) show up in hemp from time to time, but marijuana packs a whopping 113 different cannabinoids, which makes hemp’s spectrum empty in comparison.

But if you’re a hemp enthusiast, please don’t think that I’m trashing your plant completely. Hemp-derived CBD is used by many people, but I’d still recommend the real stuff. In my mind, hemp products are like essential oils as where marijuana is something for which you can get a prescription. And I’d imagine that as soon as legal weed is available nationally, the hemp products will start to dwindle because that’s what always happens to second-best.

My point is that you shouldn’t listen to all the cannabis commercialism that seems to be getting worse daily—marijuana professionals, such as the ones you’ll find at The Greenery, know way more about this stuff than Bed Bath and Beyond or any Kardashian ever will. And if you’ve tried the hemp-derived stuff and didn’t find the effect you were looking for, please, come into our shop and try the real stuff. We have a tincture that contains well over 600mg CBD per bottle, but it also contains 9mg of THC and a smattering of other cannabinoids. You can’t buy this stuff online. And the best part is that you don’t need to worry about the “high” with this tincture because each serving delivers only a quarter milligram of THC, which is just enough to enable the entourage effect without clouding your mind with a psychoactive effect. We offer the same sort of product in a gummy or a vape pen or straight-up flower because we’re the best Durango dispensary for real CBD products.

So please, if you’re looking for CBD’s effect without THC’s high and you’d like to try a bona fide marijuana product, come see us at 208 Parker Avenue (but we’ve also got your back if you’re looking for the high as well). We’re open seven days a week with plenty of discrete parking and we have a knowledgeable staff you need to meet, because when it comes to real CBD, We’re Your Best Buds!

CBN in Durango

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Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, marijuana was illegal. The people fought this fact with everything they had, and in the end, it was marijuana’s medicinal properties that led to change; medicinal marijuana was legalized in Colorado in the year 2000. And back then, marijuana was treated and sold like medicine. Yes, people looked for THC because it got them high, but the medical shops also focused on the other cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and CBN because those are the compounds that most people consider to be “medicinal.”

After a few years of legal medical pot, we were able to prove that marijuana isn’t an evil thing that leads to jazz music and two-headed babies like the opponents thought, so Colorado legalized recreational marijuana in 2014. Of course, this made getting pot much easier because all you needed was a driver’s license proving that you were over twenty-one, so slowly but surely, medical patients let their prescription cards expire because they were no longer necessary. More and more recreational shops started to open, and prices started to drop right alongside the demand for medical shops; medical dispensaries started closing across the state.

In a way, this is sad—the medical approach that led to legalization is slowly being abandoned because recreational marijuana is easier, but that’s just the way it goes when it comes to capitalism. However, something else is disappearing. Most recreational shoppers aren’t looking for CBD, CBG, or CBN because they don’t get you high, so, thanks to supply and demand, the medicinal cannabinoids I mentioned earlier are becoming difficult to find in Colorado… that’s where The Greenery comes in. Yes, we love selling the stuff that makes our customers high and happy, but we know that for many people, marijuana is medicine, and we’re loyal to the medicinal marijuana that gave us legalization in the first place. So, in our Durango dispensary, you can still find products rich is secondary cannabinoids because a “high” isn’t all that matters. We sell all sorts of stuff that focuses on cannabinoids such as THCa or CBG or CBN, and for this week’s post, I wanted to focus on the latter because CBN is some wonderful stuff.

Technically, CBN (or “cannabinol”) is considered to be psychoactive by some, but plenty of people argue this designation. For something to be “psychoactive,” it needs to “affect the mind” like THC does by getting you high. And CBN doesn’t really do this, but since it makes you tired (which is a mental effect, if you think about it), about half the cannabis world calls CBN the “other psychoactive cannabinoid.” Either way, when most cannabis enthusiasts look for something that may act like a sleep aid, they turn to CBN, and here at The Greenery, we sell three CBN-rich products thanks to our focus on medicinal products despite what the market is doing. Here they are:

1.) CBN Capsules from Mary’s Medicinals. Each of these capsules will deliver 5mg CBN (with is a wonderful serving size for a good night’s sleep) and 1mg THC for that perfect entourage effect. This product will cost you $90 out-the-door (for a pro tip, check the price on Tuesday), but that’s only because the cannabis plant produces only a minimal amount of CBN, so this cannabinoid is difficult and costly to isolate. That being said, there are also 30 capsules in each bottle, which comes out to a month’s supply. But if you’re looking to try CBN to see if it’s worth the cost, check out this next product:

2.) CBN Transdermal Patches. This product will cost you only $12 out-the-door, it delivers 10mg CBN, and it’s a single-serving patch that you put someplace venous like the inner wrist or the top of your foot. Many of our customers swear by these things because once they slap it on, the patch can deliver CBN through your skin for up to 12 hours, which could definitely make for a good night’s sleep.

3.) CBN Transdermal Gel Pens. This product represents a happy medium between the first two products because it’ll cost you $60 after tax, and it contains 100mg CBN. The pen will deliver 2mg CBN per serving, and all you do is click a little button to dispense the transdermal cream, which you then apply to a thin-skinned area so it can soak into your blood stream. Neat, right?

So, if you’re a past medical marijuana patient who’s frustrated by the fact that all the medical shops in Colorado are closing and you can’t find “medicinal” cannabinoids, come see us at 208 Parker Avenue. All you’ll need is a valid I.D. proving that you’re 21 or over, but if you have a valid Colorado-issued medical card as well, we’ll give you a 20% discount, because We’re Your Best Buds!

Ordering Marijuana Online

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Just to be clear, you cannot order marijuana from us online and have it shipped to you. About one out of every five calls that comes into our Durango dispensary is from someone who wants me to ship pot, but if I said “yes,” I’d have to start writing these things from jail. And in an odd little twist, the product we get shipping requests for the most is the Foria Pleasure (it’s a sex spray). I’ve gotten calls from old-lady book clubs in New York and lonely men in South Africa looking to have this stuff shipped, and I had to tell them all the same thing I told you in the first sentence (but it’s much more comfortable this way). But now that we’ve gotten that disclaimer out of the way, there’s something new and exciting I need to tell you: from now on, you’ll be able to make online orders that we can get ready and set aside for you to pick up later. For real, to do it, just click HERE.

Isn’t that crazy? People come in everyday with mind-blown looks on their faces because buying legal weed is still novel to them. I’ve become desensitized to it for obvious reasons, but when something new like online ordering comes along, it makes me remember how odd this whole thing can be. Think about it: you can peruse our menu online while you’re half-dressed on your couch and click the things you want. When you place an order, a little receipt machine that sits behind me spits out your order, and I grab it before running in the back with a paper bag. I fill your order, send you a nifty little message saying it’s ready, and then you come in to pick it up (after putting on pants).

But please, remember your purchasing limits, because the system will let you order as much as you want, but you can only buy so much. The easiest way to think about it is that you’re allowed 8 pieces of pie, and an eighth of flower, or 1 gram of concentrate, or 100mg worth of an edible counts as one piece. So, hypothetically, you could order a half-ounce of pot, 2 grams of hash, and two edible packs and be good to go. Get it? That being said, our online ordering platform allows us to communicate with you via text, so if you put too much in your cart, we’ll let you know. And if for some weird reason, we run out of something you want, we can chat and offer you alternatives, all through texts. Isn’t that crazy-awesome?

So yeah… that’s everything you need to know about online marijuana ordering from our Durango dispensary. This is where I’d usually say something like “come on down to The Greenery to see our awesome selection,” but today, I’m going to tell you to do it from your couch to avoid the lines. So, click HERE, pick out want you want, put it in your cart, and then come see us, because if you’re an online shopper, We’re Your Best Buds, too!

420 Deals in Durango

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I told you about the 420 origin story last year, but here’s a refresher: back in the early 70’s, a group of Californian kids called the “Waldos” would get together after track practice at 4:20pm to smoke at a local park; the tradition spread across their town and then the whole world. It’s that simple. But really, where 420 came from isn’t nearly as important as what it’s become. Now, April 20th is the cornerstone of the “Holidaze,” which is a month-long celebration of everything cannabis-related. April in Colorado is wonderful because there seems to be a cannabis party on every corner, a cannabis industry event in every convention center, and our Durango dispensary is entering this month on a high because our Hash Factory won two awards in the THC Classic, which is the official kickoff to April. We’ve been keeping that momentum going all month long.

If you were lucky enough to come in on the 10th for our 4th anniversary party, you know exactly what I’m talking about. That day was insane. We had a radio station out front spreading the word, we had deals galore, and we spent the day celebrating the Holidaze with a line that went out the door. We also had a drawing for an awesome prize basket, we made a ton of new friends, and this April 20th, we’re doing it all again, but bigger and better. There will be a deal or two that I won’t talk about in this blog because we’d like to save at least one surprise for when you come in, but I’ll tell you about everything else—we’re running so many specials that I’ll need to break them down into categories for you:

1.) Flower. Every single strain we sell will be 20% off for 4/20. I’m not saying this just because I work here, but honestly, our flower is the best in town, so 20% off is a big deal. Secondly, we’re going to have an ounce-special. This is something we’ve never done before, but on 4/20, you’ll be able to pick up a prepackaged ounce of quality flower for an awesome price (you’ll need to call or come in to figure out what it is). And lastly, you’ll be able to snag 4, one-gram pre-rolls for $20 (limit one per customer), which works out to be a 50% savings.

2.) Hash. Remember when I told you about our win at The THC Classic? Well, one of the shiny trophies you’ll see when you come into our shop is for our hash, and on 420, all the hash from our Hash Factory will also be 20% off, which is a superb deal on an award-winning concentrate like our Lebanese Hash.

3.) Edibles. We’re running a buy one, get one free sale this 4/20 on all three varieties of Ripple, which is a little crazy on our part because Ripple is already one of our bestselling edibles. I wrote a blog about Ripple that you can read HERE if you need more info, but basically, Ripple is a tasteless, odorless, instantly-dissolvable powder you can add to any food or drink; it lets you infuse anything with THC. If you haven’t tried this stuff, you need to, and it’ll never be more affordable than it will be on 4/20. Plus, this includes their line of gummies.

4.) Schwag. We’ll be giving away promotional stuff until we run out, but we’ve also put together a gift basket that’s worth over $100 for which we’re having a drawing. No purchase is necessary to enter, and you don’t need to be present to win. Just come in, fill out one of those little paper slips, and then put it in the big glass jar. I’ll draw out a name the Monday after 4/20 and give you a call if you win. Fun, right?

So please, this 4/20, come see us. We’re running the best deals on the best products, and given that we were the first recreational-only dispensary in Durango, and the one with the highest rating, we really are Your Best Buds for 420!

The Greenery’s 4th Anniversary

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We’ve been selling legal weed for four years! Isn’t that crazy? This is all starting to seem like a regular job, one where our staff feels like a family thanks to all these successful years together, and even though this’ll sound cheesy, it’s all because of you, our customers. Some of you are regulars who’ve been coming in since day one, and some of you are first-timers who remind us how exciting legal cannabis can be with your smiles when you walk in. Either way, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our customers, so, we’re going to do something special for you on our anniversary.

Usually, the traditional gifts for a fourth wedding anniversary are linen, silk, fruit, and flowers, and in a way, we’re married to our customers because we couldn’t live without you guys. That being said, we’re not going to give you linen, silk, or fruit because that would be a weird gift from a weed shop, but the “flowers” we sell are a different story completely. So, this April 10th, for the fourth anniversary of our Durango dispensary, here are the deals we’re giving to our customers to say thank you, and happy anniversary!

1.) All flower will be 20% off (see what I mean about flowers?).

2.) All concentrates will be 15% off (because our anniversary falls on Waxy Wednesday, which is awesome).

3.) All solventless hash from The Greenery Hash Factory will be 20% off.

4.) All Sweet products will be buy one, get one 50% off.

5.) For our anniversary, you’ll be able to buy four, one-gram pre-rolls for $20 (limit: one time per customer). Since it’s our fourth anniversary, “four-for-twenty” sounded perfect.

6.) If you haven’t signed up for our Loyalty Program, you need to, because during our anniversary party, all loyalty customers will receive double points.

7.) We’re also running a spectacular deal on one of our edibles, buy one, get one free on all Ripple products.

See? We love you guys a whole bunch, so we went a bit crazy with our deals. We’re even gunna have our favorite radio station X-Rock here doing a live broadcast from our parking lot, we’ll be giving out swag while it lasts, and I’m sure balloons will be involved somehow. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate your business over the years, so we’re going to do our best to show it, because even though I usually end these blogs with “We’re Your Best Buds,” the truth is that You’re Our Best Buds!

Dry Marijuana

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When people complain about how dry all the pot in Colorado is, I wonder to myself if the same people complain about food that tastes too good or about weekends that last too long. Let me explain…

At sea level, where most people grew up, cannabis stays moist long after it’s harvested; that’s why most of us remember sticky pot from our youths. So, at sea level, if you got some bone-dry pot, there was a good chance it’d been sitting around for a while, and that’s why most people equate dry pot with old pot (which is bad pot). However, Colorado is just about the antithesis of “sea level,” and thanks to our altitude, pot dries out quickly. It’s an elevation thing, not a quality or age thing, but it’s difficult to change opinions once they’ve formed—that’s why this week, I wanted to talk about Colorado’s dryer-than-everywhere-else marijuana to set the record straight.

So, let me reiterate: the only thing wrong with dry marijuana is that it might be old if you find it somewhere that’s close to sea level like California, but if you find dry marijuana in Colorado, it’s because you’re more than a mile above the sea, and here, plants dry out quickly. That’s just the way it is. But here’s the important part: dry pot is actually a good thing because it weighs less, so you get more. If you were to buy an eighth (3.5 grams) of dry marijuana and set it next to an eighth of moist marijuana that weighed the same, the dry eighth would look much larger thanks to less water weight (as an aside, I apologize for already using the word “moist” twice in this blog, but it’s a necessary evil). Do you see what I’m getting at? If you can get over that old-school paradigm of “dry pot = old pot,” you’ll realize that you’re actually getting more for your buck when you buy dry pot because you get more marijuana and less water. Ask yourself this: do you want to smoke water, or do you want to smoke cannabis? Exactly.

Alright… after reading that, I’m sure you thought something like, “well yeah, but how do I know if the dry marijuana I buy in your Durango dispensary isn’t just old pot you’re trying to blame on Colorado’s elevation?” Well, good question, but I’ve got an answer for you: we wouldn’t do that. Ever. We both purchase and grow our cannabis in small batches to ensure freshness, and we keep our flower sealed tightly before we bring it onto the floor.

But there’s a second reason I wanted to write this blog, and it deals with one of the most common questions I get: “how do you rehydrate dry pot?” (this is important to a few smokers because hydrated pot burns a bit more slowly). Well, the way most people do this is by sealing a fresh piece of bread in with their flower. The moisture from the bread will rehydrate the flower and make it sticky just like you remember. That being said, please don’t do this. For one, your pot will taste a bit like bread, and two, if there’s even the slightest amount of mold on your bread, it can spread to your weed, and smoking mold isn’t good for you. So, instead, try a two-way humidity control pack.

In our Durango dispensary, we use Boveda packs, which you can read about by clicking THIS link. I’d recommend using the 62% version, but basically, a “two-way” pack works in two ways (duh). If your pot gets too dry, these packs will add moisture, but if the moisture gets too high, these packs will take it back out for that perfect balance. So, if you seal a 62% Boveda pack in with your flower, you’ll keep all your flower at the perfect moistness (is that four times using the word?) for as long as the pack keeps working, which is a long time. That way, if you buy a dry eighth which is good because you get more pot, you can take it home, rehydrate it with your Boveda pack (which won’t make it mold or taste like bread), and you’ll get the best of both worlds: you’ll get more flower weight because you bought it dry, but the Boveda will make your flower sticky just like you remember from your sea-level childhood.

But as always, if you have questions, it’s always best to give us a call at (970) 403-3710 or come see us (with your valid I.D. proving that you’re 21or over) at 208 Parker Avenue right here in Bodo park. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about rehydrating your marijuana if you want it to be sticky and burn slow like you remember. And we’ll prove to you that our marijuana is fresh (and the best in town), because We’re Your Best Buds!

A Good Day with Cannabis

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Do you remember that “It Was a Good Day” song by Ice Cube? If not, it’s a classic, and you need to listen to it immediately, but if you do, I apologize for getting it stuck in your head. But the reason I ask is that recently, I read a news story wherein a bunch of rap nerds got together and figured out exactly which day Ice Cube was talking about: it was January 20th, 1992.

They used all the clues in the song to figure it out: there was “no smog,” Yo! MTV Raps was on TV, the Lakers beat the Super Sonics, and Ice Cube got a page on his beeper from Kim. If you figure out the song’s release date, look at the years when beepers were used, check the stats for Lakers wins, and the weather report for smog, you get the exact “good day.” Of course, back in 2012 when Ice Cube gave an interview about the song, he said it was a fictional day, but that’s not why I’m writing this: in his song, Ice Cube mentions the “chronic,” which is a prerequisite for any “good day.” That got me thinking about the perfect day with cannabis—a day you can plan and enjoy intentionally, because sometimes, good days need to be forced. So, if I were to plan the perfect day with cannabis, this is how I’d do it:

Step one, wake-and-bake. There’s nothing wrong with pot in the morning, and anyone who says otherwise hasn’t tried it. On lazy Sundays, I like to wake up with a good Bubble Gum joint, or something else sativa-dominant, and we sell them for $10 out-the-door here in our Durango dispensary. And then after I put out my joint to save for later (smoking an entire gram in the morning might cut the day a bit short), I’d mix a packet of Lucky Turtle 1:1 Honey into my coffee. These single serving packs of honey cost $9, and they deliver 10mg of THC and CBD. Granted, if you’d prefer fewer than 10mg in the morning (or if you don’t like overly-sweet coffee), just use half the packet. And timing is important: the high from your joint will last about an hour and a half, and it’ll take the honey about an hour and a half to kick in fully, so drink that coffee right after you put down the joint—for the perfect good day, a high must be maintained.

The next step would be to go out and see the world. I like having my wife drive me around to thrift shops and breakfast places while I marvel at the bright day, couched comfortably in my buzz (but if you stop for breakfast, remember, there’s nothing wrong with bacon even though Ice Cube’s good day started when mom cooked breakfast with “no hog”). Then we go home to do chores and watch daytime TV; this is when my vape pen comes into play. I like to keep a terpene-rich distillate pen in my pocket, something like the Craft Reserve from O.pen that’s on our menu, and I lean towards the hybrid side of things as the day creeps by. I’ll take a puff or two when normalcy starts to creep back in, and it’ll carry me through to lunch when I smash a BLT and then load a bowl. Just like with the vape pen, my midday bowl is always a perfect hybrid, something like Blue Dream, because that even balance between mental energy and physical relaxation pairs perfectly with noontime.

This is when I start watching something campy like “Ancient Aliens” (as it turns out, the History Channel would have you believe aliens are responsible for just about everything except pot). As the day gets older, I smoke and vape as needed, but if you’re a fan of baths, I’d recommend throwing some THC bath salt into the mix. We sell a rejuvenating bath salt that’s infused with eucalyptus and cannabis, it’ll soothe you until nighttime rolls around, because that’s when it’s time to kick things up a notch.

Next, for dark nights, I like dark hash, like a good Moroccan or an Indica-dominant bubble hash. And that’s pretty convenient given that we operate our own Hash Factory, and we’re the only company in Colorado that manufactures and distributes classic concentrates such as Moroccan or Lebanese hash. So, to start my perfect evening to cap off that good day, I’d throw a pinch of Moroccan on top of a deep Indica like Pakistani Chitral Kush, smoke it, and then wait for the mind-numbing, body sedating high to knock me down into the couch (these days, it’s the only way to make the nightly news bearable). And then right before bed, I’d eat a brownie from Love’s Oven. They’re made with canna-butter which is difficult to find these days, they totally count as a desert, and the relaxing high would keep me sleeping through the night. Boom; the perfect end to a good day with cannabis (and there’s no law saying you can’t have two days like this in a row, so wake up and repeat as necessary).

But this good day isn’t possible without cannabis, so come see us first. We’re located at 208 Parker Avenue right here in Durango, and we’re open every day (for hours, click HERE). Just make sure to bring your valid, government-issued I.D. proving that you’re 21 or older, because good days with cannabis are for grownups only. And remember, We’re Your Best Buds!