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420 Dispensary Deals in Durango

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In the Colorado cannabis industry, “April” is synonymous with “insanity.” It’s just a fact. For us, April is like someone took Christmas and stuffed it with the 4th of July and then wrapped it with a birthday. It really is that awesome because April is the beginning of our cannabis award season, it’s the when all the tourists start flocking to our beautiful state (when they aren’t hobbled by stay-at-home orders), and it’s smackdab in the middle of spring, which goes hand-in-hand with the “flowers” we sell. And this April is going to be crazier than previous Aprils because since it’s 2020, the entire month will be 4/20 (if you’re still a little hazy on why “420” is such a big deal, click HERE for a history lesson).

Granted, this April is obviously a bit different given that there’s a pesky global pandemic dampening everyone’s spirits, but we’re going to stay safe and happy, no matter what. So, before I get to the 4/20 specials we’ll be running, please click HERE to read last week’s blog that explains the new way to shop here during this bizarre time (which will help tons, because we’re going to be ridiculously busy, so if you know the new protocols, it will cut down your wait time).

Alright; here are the deals we’re running on 4/20, which is insanity incarnate. I promise that our shop will be the best one to hit on the special day, but I cannot make any promises about the line. And just to make things safer due to Covid-19, we’ll have lines marked on the ground that are six feet apart. We’ll also have the best weed at the best prices on April 20th, and the people next to you in line will surely be cool, so come hang out. If you do, these deals are waiting for you:


  • All Moroccan and Lebanese Hash will be 50% off, which is exactly the insanity I was talking about.
  • A few of our best Greenery Grown strains will be $7 per gram, $25 per eighth, $45 per quarter, and $85 per half-ounce (which is more than 50% off).
  • And if that’s not good enough, everything full-price in the store will be 20% off. So… everything in the store will be on sale for 20% off… 4/20% off… get it???
  • And if you think that’s cheesy, just wait. On 4/20, you’ll also be able to pick up 4 joints for $20, because we can’t help ourselves when it comes to the numbers “4” or “20” on 4/20.
  • All Incredibles bars will be 25% off, but this special will run all month long
  • Lastly, all 1906 chocolates will be “buy one, get one for $1,” and this is a month-long special as well.

As of right now, that’s all we have planned for 4/20, but I promise you something else will pop up. We always get carried away when it comes to sales because the only thing more fun than selling legal weed is doing so at a discount, so we’ll probably end up adding a surprise or two to the lineup. So please, come see us, because when it comes to 4/20, We’re Your Best Buds!