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What’s new at The Greenery?

You already know that The Greenery has the cheapest weed in Durango. We’re selling full ounces of bud for $59, half-ounces for $39, and eighths for $8; all these prices are after tax. And for the record, the only thing “cheap” about this weed is the price—this is still high-quality flower, and we’ve discounted it simply because times are tough for everyone. You’re already dealing with inflation and ludicrous gas prices, so we figured cheap weed would help during these nutty times.

And we’re taking things a step further because today, we just introduced the cheapest edible in Durango and the cheapest dab in Durango… here’s the rundown:

Cheapest Edible in Durango:

We’re excited to add Dablets to our shelves, and these 100mg THC edible packs are $9 after tax (but if you’re a regular, you know that all edibles are 15% off on Tuesday, which makes these bad boys $7.65 on Tuesdays). Isn’t that crazy? We’ve been around since day one of the legal cannabis movement here in Colorado, so it’s easy to remember when you couldn’t find a 100mg edible for less than $25 anywhere, so this is insane. This edible is available in Indica and Sativa.

And the reason this edible is so affordable has nothing to do with quality. Dablets are little pills that you swallow (10mg THC each), so there’s not much cost associated with the food portion of this edible, and since they’re so small (each pack is the size of a joint tube), the packaging costs were minimal as well. So, the good people over at Craft dropped the price of their Dablets considerably, and we’re passing along that savings.

Cheapest Dab in Durango:

We’re equally excited to introduce The Fifteen Dollar Dab, which today, is a full gram of shatter from Kayak. These grams won’t always be shatter because variety matters, so stay tuned for updates. And again, if you’re a regular, you know that all concentrates are 15% off on Wednesdays, which means you’ll be able to scoop a full-gram dab at The Greenery every Wednesday for $12.75 after tax, which is equally as insane as the edible deal. Seven years ago, when we first opened, we sold shatter for $65 per gram and it flew off the shelves. Now, seven years later, we’re proud to say that we’ve been able to drop that price by over 75%, which is awesome.

But hopefully, you also already know that The Greenery bests all the other shops in town on the other side of the spectrum as well. We have the best weed in Durango; we have the highest-quality edibles; we have true connoisseur dabs. And we’ve expanded these offerings as well for all you top-shelf shoppers, so here’s what’s new:

Malek’s Hand Rolls:

The superlative “best” is thrown around liberally in the cannabis industry, but these hand-rolls really are the best joints out there. Westword Magazine named these joints “Best in Denver” for 2022, and Westword knows what they’re talking about because they gave our Moroccan hash the same honor.

Each joint is filled with 1.75 of the best pot imaginable (it’s always ground bud and never shake/trim), and each one is literally rolled by hand, but don’t worry, they use a sponge to wet the glue, so there’s no stranger saliva on these things. And what’ve even cooler is that they use a spiral noodle (yes, and actual noodle) for the tip, and the noodle is gluten-free just in case. Crazy, right? Then they skewer each joint with a toothpick right down the center for better air flow, and they’re rolled with pink Blazy Susan papers, so there’s no such thing as a better joint. These hand-rolls are $18 after tax.

Alchemy Crystals from First Matter

Simply put, these Alchemy Crystals represent the pinnacle of dabs. The team over at First Matter takes potent Live Resin and renders it down to purify it further, and then they allow it to recrystallize into the purest, most potent form of marijuana on the market. These full-gram dabs look like transparent quartz crystals, and they test close to 99% pure THCa, which takes a true scientist to achieve. These diamonds are $72 out-the-door, and they deliver a clean, bright, mind-altering high like no other.

Higgs Joint Packs

Higgs didn’t used to be anything to write home about, but now, they’ve partnered with PMPCO, which is one of Colorado’s best cannabis cultivations. In fact, we sell eighths of loose flower from PMPCO for $49 after tax, but there’s an eighth worth of the same flower already rolled into joints in these packs that we sell for $43, so they’re a savvy choice.

There are six joints in each pack that are a little over a half-gram each, which makes for a 3.5g package total, and the pack itself looks a lot like a cigarette pack, so it fits perfectly in your pocket. That, and each pack comes with a branded book of matches, which is a nice touch.


Of course, we aren’t stopping there. Our purchasing team here at The Greenery scours the market on a weekly basis looking for the newest and greatest, so there’s plenty more coming down the pipe (pun intended). Here’s a little sneak peek as to what’s coming soon:

Blunts in Durango:

Sometime early in July, we’ll have the Honest Blunt Packs on our shelves, and this is huge. Each pack is nitrogen-flushed, so the weed stays harvest-fresh forever, and each pack contains 6 blunts that are 0.7g each for a 4.2g package total. These blunts are rolled with organic hemp as opposed to tobacco, so you get CBDa instead of nicotine, and they’re rolled with a 100-years-old cigar rolling machine from Cuba, which is just cool. The ridged case fits perfectly in your pocket and it protects the blunts, so all the boxes are checked with this coming-soon product.

And that’s that, my friends! Keep checking back in for awesome updates such as this one, and remember, We’re Your Best Buds!

Eight Dollar Eighths

Have you ever gotten one of those holiday tins of candied popcorn? The last one I had was a crazy hodgepodge of cheese and chocolate and caramel corn all mixed together, and when I finally got to the bottom of it, all that was left was a witch’s brew of small cheesy and chocolate chunks mixed with bits of caramel. It was delightful.

Yeah, this is an odd way to start a blog about pot, but I promise there’s a parallel. We order our flower in bulk, obviously, and it comes in huge bags. After we sell most of it, what’s left in the bottom of the bag is all the good stuff—tons of kief, little orange hairs. and pieces of “popcorn” bud that are all flower and no stem. Frankly, the leftovers are almost better than the big buds from which they come, but it doesn’t have the same “bag appeal,” which means it doesn’t look as good as full-fledged flower to most people.

But budtenders aren’t most people. We know that the shake in a dispensary is different from what most people call “shake.” It’s all the good stuff, just like the tasty remnants in the bottom of a holiday popcorn tin, and we love it. It’s just as potent and pure as the big buds that made it; it’s perfect for rolling joints because you don’t need to grind it; most importantly, this stuff is ridiculously affordable.

Up until now, when we got to the bottom of the bag, we’d sell a little of it as a “shake special,” but then we’d buyout the rest for ourselves. After all, working in a pot shop has its perks. But we’ve decided to share. So, from now on, we’re going to weigh out this shake into eighths, and we’re selling it for $8 after tax. Yes, you read that correctly, you’ll be able to stop by The Greenery on any day of the week and leave with a full 3.5 grams of the good stuff for eight bucks.

It’s kinda crazy, if I’m being honest, because I’ve been in this game long enough to remember when you couldn’t find an eighth of any sort for under $40, but times are changing. Weed is getting cheaper for us, which means it’ll get cheaper for you because we’re all on the same team. Five years ago, the most affordable ounce we offered was $349, but now we sell pre-packed ounces every day for $59 after tax. Seriously, that’s an 83% cut. A couple weeks ago, we debuted our $39 pre-packed half-ounces, which was also unheard-of back in the day. And in another week or two, we’ll start selling a 100mg edible for $9 after tax, which is mindboggling considering how everything started.

Lastly, yes, prices are dropping everywhere, but it’d be amiss to not tell you that ours are by far the most affordable in Durango. The cheapest ounce sold by any of our competitors is $80.40 after tax, and we beat that by over twenty bucks. The same goes for half-ounces and eights and concentrates and edibles. Simply put, we’re doing everything we can to give you the best possible prices on everything, including these new $8 eighths, because We’re Your Best Buds!

420 Deals in Durango

Our 4/20 sale is going to be the best one ever, just like this is the shorted blog we’ve ever posted. And two of the best 420 specials we’re running aren’t even on the poster, so get here early. We’re Your Best Buds!

Most Affordable Highest Testing Marijuana in Durango

I know… that title was a mouth full. Sorry about that. But really, it sums up perfectly that which I’m trying to get across: The Greenery sells the best, most affordable, highest-testing flower in Durango. For real, starting right now, you can get an eighth of 30%+ THC cannabis for $34 after tax every Monday in our shop, which isn’t something I would’ve believed a year ago. Honestly, even the words “cheapest high testing marijuana” sound like they belong in an oxymoron as opposed to a blog, and yet if you look at our flower menu HERE, you’ll see that every word rings true.

Surprise! If you just clicked that link, you also figured out that we just lowered all our flower prices down to a place they’ve never been in the seven-year history of our company. But, why now? How is this even possible? No, it’s not because we’re getting high on our own supply, like Biggie always warned against, but rather, we’re all simply reaping the rewards gifted to us by supply and demand. I know this is a marijuana blog, so I’m not going to bore you with economics, but it’s important to know that Colorado is simply awash in low-priced, high-testing bud at the moment.

It’s an odd phenomenon, but for some reason, everyone who jumps into this industry of ours wants to be a grower. I guess the romanticized alure of growing weed is too much for most fledgling entrepreneurs to ignore, so cultivations keep popping up everywhere. Seriously, just to give you an idea, there are around 750 licensed cannabis cultivations in the state even though we have only 650 dispensaries or so, meaning that supply is outpacing demand. So, just like it is with every other commodity in the world, when there’s a glut, the competition cuts prices, and then you, my friend, get to bask in the savings. That’s why we just cut all our flower prices, some of which were reduced by nearly 20%.

What about the potency? Why does the Greenery now sell tons of flower that’s over 30% THC when most of it was 20%+ last week? Well, two reasons. One, we just had a bumper crop in The Greenery Grow thanks to some new nutrients, and our Super Lemon Haze in particular turned out splendidly. It’s testing over 30% THC and it smells like a bucket full of overripe lemons. Our Wedding Cake broke 28% even though it’s usually a low-testing indica, and our Super White came out much more “super” than usual. Good times all around. And the second reason our pot is more potent is that we made some new friends!

We’ve made a concerted effort lately to meet other cultivators around the state, especially those living and working in Boulder. Think about it this way: if you want to call yourself a real Country/Western singer, you absolutely must perform in Nashville—if you want to call yourself a real cannabis cultivator, you must grow in Boulder to see how you stack up against the best. So, that’s where we went. Just like the commercial says, we’re bringing big-city bud to this beautiful mountain town, and we’re going to keep it up. We’ve got some White Hot Guava on the way that’s pushing 34% THC, and it’ll be followed by nothing but fire, so if you’re a true cannabis connoisseur, you need to get in here ASAP.

Granted, the tetrahydrocannabinol percentage in pot doesn’t matter nearly as much as most people think (please excuse me while I climb up on my soapbox). Please remember that the higher the THC climbs, the further everything else falls, including terpenes and minor cannabinoids. Terpenes are what gives smoke flavor, and they determine the complexity of your high, so the potent stuff doesn’t always taste as delightful as the cannabis on our shelves with lower THC. A good way to think about it would be to compare grain alcohol (like Ever Clear) to whiskey: the grain alcohol is much more potent at around 80% alcohol, but there’s no complexity to the taste, as where whiskey is half as potent at 40% alcohol, and it can taste wonderful. So, they’ll both get you drunk, but you’ll enjoy the whiskey as where the grain alcohol is better suited for cleaning bongs.

That, and THC content has very little to do with quality. In fact, there will be plenty of times when you’ll notice that we’re charging less for strains that test higher than those on our top shelf. We do this because quality—determined by things like terpene content, bud structure, and grow ingredients—is more important than potency, and the two aren’t even remotely mutually exclusive. This is important stuff, but it’s time to climb down and stop preaching…

So, come see us ASAP! We have more affordable weed on our menu that tests higher than before, which means you can have your Ethos Wedding Cake and smoke it, too. All of us here at The Greenery will keep doing our best to bring you new, potent strains with Boulder quality and more affordability, because after all, We’re Your Best Buds!

The Best Marijuana in Durango

It’s right here at The Greenery. And hopefully, you already knew that; I’ve been telling you for years that we grow the best cannabis this side of the continental divide. However, let’s be honest: The Greenery Grow is awesome, but it’s not the biggest operation in the world because we’ve always taken the “quality over quantity” route. Our mom tent is big enough for thirty plants or so, meaning we have around thirty different strains in our genetics library that we can rotate through our flowering rooms. We grow some heavy hitters like Sour Diesel, Super Lemon Haze, and Runtz, but still, variety is the spice of life, and there’s no way our customers would stay happy if they had to smoke the same 30 varietals for the rest of their lives, so we also bring in some of the best cannabis from across Colorado to supplement what comes out of our cultivation. This morning, as I was sitting at my desk in a stupor wondering what I’d write about this week, I realized that I’ve never told you anything about the cultivations that produce some of the flower we bring into Durango specifically for variety’s sake, so, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Here you go:

Boulder Built is probably my favorite at the moment because to say that their genetics are “rare and exotic” would be an understatement. This is the team that brought you strains like Mr. Nasty and Flavor Crystals (pictured above), the former of which is a cross between GMO and Grease Monkey; the latter is created by crossing Grape Pie with Legend Orange Apricot. Boulder Built puts time and science into their craft, and the buds that come out of their cultivation are comically awesome—they’re huge and dense and covered with crystals that coat your hands when you play with your pot.

Silver Lake is another good one, and they’re shipping us four pounds of flower (all of which tests over 30% THC) as I type this. This place takes things up a step given that they cure all their cannabis in glass, which protects the flavor, but more importantly, they bring the variety. These guys grow about a billion different cultivars, so we’ll always bring in their newest and best to keep fresh our flower offerings. And not for nothing, 30% THC is impressive. This number quite literally means that a solid 30% of the flower’s weight is from pure THC, so please start low and go slow with this stuff. It packs a punch.

Next comes In The Flo, which is a company that has long supplied us with fire. I’d argue that this grow is the best wholesale-only cultivation in the state, and they focus on many of the classics (like Lemon Skunk) while peppering in exotics (like Don Shula). And if you’re paying attention and know your Colorado cannabis companies, you’ll notice that most of the brands I’m talking about are rooted in Boulder, which is no mistake. If you call yourself a true country/western singer, you’ve preformed in Nashville—if you call yourself a true cannabis breeder/grower, you’ve grown in Boulder. That’s just how it works, but the reason behind it lies with the OG Boulder growers who put Colorado on the map, one of which is In The Flo.

Lastly, per regular flower, anyway, comes Hummingbird Brand. We haven’t ordered from these guys yet (we will shortly), but it’s exciting to add Hummingbird to our lineup. They too are from Boulder, and they’re associated with The Farm family of dispensaries, which is woman-owned and simply awesome. These guys care about sustainability and organic practices, and they do everything right. Their bud is fluffy and bright and packed full of terpenes because they care more about flavor than potency, so it’s a win/win for everyone because we’ll charge a little less for this stuff than we will the potent, high-dollar stuff. Specifically, I’m excited about Skinny Pineapple (one of the strains Hummingbird bred) because the terp profile is insane: the flower smells like a bowl of fruit salad, the smoke tastes like a pineapple tart, and the high is downright tropical.

Now, the reason I used “regular flower” as a condition at the beginning of the previous paragraph is that it’d be amiss to not discuss the Sun Rocks we started selling recently from Dadirri. A “Sun Rock” is a bud of cannabis that’s been coated in distillate and then covered in Bubble Hash, which is why this uber-potent smokable doesn’t count as “regular flower” even though you smoke it as such. This stuff is dank and deep per the flavor, and the potent high breaks down the barriers those of us with high tolerances have standing between us and a good time, so I cannot tell you how much I love this stuff. And really, this just goes to show that we really are doing all we can to bring in the best cannabis products, because Dadirri is a solventless concentrate manufacturer, just like our own Hash Factory, but we added them to the mix because their Sun Rocks are second to none, which is what you deserve.

And that’s that! Please keep checking back in to learn all there is to know about recreational cannabis, and please keep checking our menu HERE because we’re always bringing in new flower strains. I promise that I’ll do a better job talking about all the new and exciting flower we’ll be sourcing from around Colorado, and I promise that The Greenery will stay focused on variety and quality when it comes to our weed, because We’re Your Best Buds!

New Marijuana Products in Durango

We have cannabutter! I know I usually open these blogs with an artsy introduction or whatever, but I skipped it this week because I’m inexplicably excited by butter that gets you high. I mean, isn’t it crazy? It might just be because I’m old, but it’s mind-blowing to think that you can walk into a store (that’s us) and buy a stick of butter that’s infused with cannabis. Each stick is marked into ten, 10mg squares, and one of them is perfectly sized for your morning toast or an evening dinner roll. This stuff is ideal for baking; it’s one of the most versatile edibles we sell; it comes in a child-resistant package that fits perfectly in the butter compartment in your fridge.

And if you remember my blog about how lipid-soluble edibles work (if not, read it HERE), you know that it’s important to consume fats alongside your edibles for efficacy, so cannabutter is perfect because the cannabis and fats are already living together in the butter. This is the original, old-school cannabis edible, and it’s definitely a staff favorite, so next time you’re shopping for an edible, try thinking outside the gummy and chose a box of butter.

But if “old-school” isn’t your thing and you want to try the newest “it” edible on our shelves, look no further than our Nitro Coffee. You read that correctly. We’re now selling single-serving, 10mg THC cans of nitrogen-infused coffee for that foamy goodness and smooth mouthfeel. This coffee is non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan, so it’s perfect for the new-age nitro coffee type (just make sure to read the directions because opening a child-resistant, pressurized can of coffee is interesting).

The next two new products are also firmly in the “new-school” category: CBN and CBG vapes from O.pen. It seems like I’ve been writing quite a few blogs lately centered on minor cannabinoids (you can read about THCV HERE and CBN HERE), but all of those discussions were about edibles, not vape products, so I promise I’m not repeating myself. But before we get too far into it, I wanted to point out that here at The Greenery, we’re always the first in Durango to bring you the newest cannabis products available on the market. We were the first to start selling fast-acting edibles in Durango. We were the first to sell crystalline (THCa diamonds). We were the first to sell Live Rosin, the first to sell solventless vapes and gummies, and the first (and only) dispensary in Durango to start selling traditional, kief-based concentrates. So, guess what? We’re also the first to start selling vaporizer cartridges that contain CBG and CBN alongside the THC, and we’ll have them available as soon as February first.

So, what is “CBN” or “CBG”? Well, the former is “cannabinol,” and it purportedly makes you tired, so it may act like a sleep aid. But please remember, I’m not a doctor, so I am in no way qualified to give you medical advice, and I’m not a scientist, so I haven’t studied these cannabinoids enough to tell you definitively what they can or cannot do for you. It’s important to consult your primary care physician if you’d like to try this or that cannabinoid for this or that medical ailment, and it’s equally important to know that sufficient studies on these cannabinoids have not been completed given that weed is illegal federally, so nobody knows for sure what they can do. That’s why it’s important to take these newly isolated cannabinoids with a grain of salt and a skeptical mind. For example, if you’re looking for a good night’s sleep, try a CBN edible (or the vape I’ll tell you about shortly), but really pay attention to how it makes you feel. If you’re tired, maybe it worked, and maybe you should try it again. If you’re not, it didn’t, so don’t. Get it? Personal “trial and error” is the only way to see through all the murky nonsense that surrounds legal weed.

Anyway… back on track. Long story short, I’ve already told you that CBN might act like a sleep aid, but up until now, we’ve sold it only in edible form. And as you know, edibles (even the fast-acting ones) take a while to kick in. Vapes, however, are nearly instant. So, if you’re trying to fall asleep quickly, or if you wake up intermittently throughout the night and you need something to knock you back out, try this new CBN vape from O.pen. Who knows? It could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Now that I think about it, I’m not sure I’ve ever told you about CBG, or “cannabigerol,” even though we’re already selling an edible containing it (it’s the Pear flavor of Wyld gummy, which is just awesome/delicious). Anyway, CBG is often referred to as “the mother of all cannabinoids” because it’s the first one to show up in immature cannabis plants, and it’s the one from which most other cannabinoids eventually develop. As to what this stuff does, again, nobody is 100% sure (and if they say they are, they’re lying), but it’s reported to be the feel-good cannabinoid. Theoretically, when CBG binds to the receptors in your endocannabinoid system, it may strengthen the function of anandamide, which is a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure.

Personally, getting high makes me happy, so it’s the THC to thank, not CBG, but extra giggles are never bad. So, if you have a frown that you’d like to turn upside-down, and you’d like to try cannabis to do so, maybe this stuff is for you. We have it in the nearly-instant vaporizer option I’ve been talking about, and the tasty, pear-flavored gummy version I mentioned earlier, so it’s easy to try cannabigerol no matter your consumption preference.

However, the theme I’m really trying to get across here is that if it’s cannabis-related and it’s new, we have it, so if you like new and exciting things, come see us at 208 Parker Avenue, or order online HERE. The Greenery has long been the best recreational cannabis dispensary in Durango in that we intentionally do our best to stay on the forefront of new marijuana products even though we’re tucked away in Bodo Park here in a tiny Colorado mountain town. We always want to make sure our local community has access to the newest and greatest cannabis innovations available across the industry, because We’re Your Best Buds!

THCV in Durango

I’ll admit it: keeping up with all the new cannabinoids is getting a bit difficult. Actually, none of these cannabinoids are “new,” per se, because they’ve always existed in marijuana, which means we’ve all ingested them to some degree, but now, they’re figuring out how to produce and isolate specific cannabinoids, and that’s the “new” part to all of this. Specifically, in our last blog, I told you all about CBN (read it HERE if you missed it), and this week, I’ll be talking about THCV, or Tetrahydrocannabivarin.

And once again, I need to drop a few disclaimers: first, I’m not a doctor. The Greenery doesn’t employee any doctors. As such, we aren’t qualified to give you medical advice, and if you’d like to try THCV to treat this or that ailment, please, go talk to your doctor. Secondly, there haven’t been enough peer-reviewed studies published on THCV for me to tell you definitively what this stuff does, so I won’t be able to tell you how THCV may help you with certainty; honesty is the best policy.

That being said, there are a couple studies out there that shed light on rare cannabinoids, such as THIS 2020 paper published in The Journal of Cannabis Research. In it, the researchers claim that THCV “decreases appetite, increases satiety, and up-regulates metabolism,” but it’s important to know that this study was done on rats, not humans, so I still cannot in good conscious espouse the possibility that these same effects apply to people.

Really, if you think about it, it’s easy to see why it’s so important to make factual claims about something like THCV. Consider what it might do—suppress appetite, increase metabolism—these things are exactly what dieters are looking for, and they’ll buy just about anything if you tell them it’s a quick and easy way to lose weight. That’s not what we do at The Greenery. We tell you what we know and what we don’t, we tell you what could/may/might happen, and then we let you decide for yourself. So, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

THCV might give you a boost of energy; THCV may decrease your appetite. Who knows? My experience with this stuff is limited as well (I’ve tried it twice), so anecdotally, there’s not much I can add. The first time I tried THCV, I did so at night, which could’ve been a mistake because it was difficult to fall asleep; I suppose that checks the “energy” box. The second time was in the morning, and I’ll admit that I didn’t get hungry until after noon, but that’s par for the course when it comes to my appetite. So really, just like with all other cannabis products, the only way to know for sure is to keep an open mind and try THCV yourself.

Just don’t let the placebo effect get you. I always approach these personal experiments like a nerdy scientist: I’ll take an edible containing a new cannabinoid on an empty stomach, I’ll start an hour-long timer, and then once it dings, I try my best to take objective stock of how I’m feeling. Do I really have more energy? Is my appetite really suppressed? Am I just high? These are the questions I ask myself, and that you should ponder as well after trying the THCV edible we now have on our shelves (and yes, we’re the first in Durango to get it):

The thing I like most about the formulation in Wana’s new Fit Gummy is that each serving contains only 0.1mg THC; there’s simply no way a single serving will get you high. So, that means you won’t be intoxicated, which means you’ll be able to focus soberly on exactly how THCV affects you personally.

You can read more about Wana Fit HERE, but here are the specifics: each gummy delivers 0.1mg THC, 10mg CBD, and 0.5mg THCV, and they come in a fruit punch flavor (which is absolutely delightful). There’s no high associated with these gummies, so they’re perfect for the morning, and the gummies themselves are vegan and gluten-free. These things are made with all-natural flavors and colors, they aren’t made with high-fructose corn syrup, and even the child-resistant packaging is sustainable, so Wana thought of everything. Wana Fit gummies are $32 after tax, but remember, all our edibles are 15% off on Tuesdays, meaning they’ll be $27.20 if you want to save a bit during your test run.

As of right now, that’s all there is to know about THCV, but I’ll keep you posted with updates whenever new studies/facts become available. And until then, please keep checking back in—I’ll keep you abreast of everything new in the cannabis industry, especially when it comes to “new” and exciting cannabinoids, because We’re Your Best Buds!

Marijuana Edibles for Sleep

I need to drop some serious disclaimers before we get too far into this. The reason is that most of the cannabis companies out there producing products for “sleep” are using the cannabinoid CBN, or cannabinol, as the active ingredient, but the truth is that nobody really knows what CBN does even though it’s billed as a sleep aid. Granted, a couple dated studies out there show some sort of correlation between sleep and CBN, but if you read THIS newer study from The National Institutes of Health, which is probably the most factual resource in existence, it argues that there simply isn’t enough data out there to even make the claim that CBN is a sleep aid, so it’s something we should all take with a grain of salt.

Anecdotally, after peddling this stuff from behind the counter, I can tell you that the reactions we get from our customers are mixed. The lion’s share reports some level of sleepiness from the CBN products we sell, and they keep coming back for more, but quite a few say it does nothing, or that they just got high thanks to the THC that many of these edibles contain as well, which is relaxing in and of itself.

So, is CBN a heaven-sent soporific, or is it snake oil? The jury is still out, the reason being that it’s difficult for scientists to study a federally illegal drug to figure out what it may or may not do. As such, throughout this blog, you’ll hear me saying all sorts of nebulous things that aren’t definitive, such as CBN “may” help you sleep, or it “might” give you relaxation. It’s the best I can do given what’s provable, because after all, here at The Greenery, honesty and education are both far more important than the profit we could make by making claims that aren’t 100% factual, such as promising someone a good night’s sleep thanks to a cannabis gummy.

And as one final disclaimer, it’s important to know that I’m not a doctor; nobody who works here is a doctor. We all work at a recreational marijuana dispensary, and as such, we aren’t even remotely qualified to give medical advice. If you’re looking to try any sort of marijuana product for a medical condition, bring it up with your doctor.

That being said, who knows? Maybe CBN is exactly what you’ve been looking for, and it’s possible that it’ll cure your restless nights… “maybe,” “possible,” see what I’m getting at? The only way you’ll know for sure is to try this stuff yourself, and we have six options for all you sleepyheads:

1.) Wana Fast Asleep.

I’m starting with this one first because my wife loves this product and says she can’t sleep without it, so at least it does something for someone. And if you’re looking for a cannabis product that might help you catch Zs without the buzz, this one could be perfect because there’s not much THC per serving.

Actually, when it comes to active ingredients, the Fast Asleep gummies from Wana throw in the kitchen sink with more cannabinoids than any of the others: each serving delivers 10mg CBD, 2mg CBG, 2mg THC (which isn’t enough to get most people high), 1mg melatonin, and 2mg CBN.

The flavor for these gummies is “dream berry,” which isn’t a berry that exists, but they’re still delicious. But more importantly, the cannabinoids in these gummies have been nano-encapsulated, which makes them water soluble and fast acting, so if it turns out that CBN helps you sleep, nothing will do so more quickly than these gummies.

2.) 1906 Midnight Drops:

Frankly, this was the product that started it all. 1906 was way ahead of their game when they came out with this product a couple years back because they knew that “sleep” was fast becoming what people were looking for in cannabis-based relief—back in the day, the most common complaint we encountered was centered on “pain,” but now, it seems most people are looking for rest. It’s interesting. But either way, 1906 made the first product we sold that was geared towards this aim, and they did so without CBN.

These capsules also contain fast-acting, water-soluble cannabinoids, and they deliver a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD, so each capsule contains 5mg of both cannabinoids. But on top of that, these “drops,” as 1906 calls them, are also leavened with corydalis, which is a plant medicine that’s been used in eastern countries for eons as a sleep aid. And given that corydalis isn’t federally illegal, there have been all sorts of peer-reviewed studies on this stuff you can find like THIS one or THIS one. Each of these drops contains 100mg of corydalis.

3.) Taste Budz Blueberry Lavender Gummies:

Disinformation is an insidious thing, so right off the bat I need to stress something: the assessment that “lavender causes nightmares” is ridiculously unscientific, because it’s untrue. There’s no study, or even congruent anecdotal evidence for that matter, proving that herbs or the essential oils made from them can cause lucid dreams in low doses, so if you believe in this nonsense, all you’re doing is missing out on the delicious lavender flavor of these gummies.

But back to these specific gummies, yes, they’re flavored with natural lavender, but more importantly, each serving delivers 10mg THC, CBD, and CBN in a perfect 1:1:1 ratio, so these are the most potent gummies we sell that are marketed for sleep. They’re also the only strain-specific sleep product we carry (meaning the THC in each gummy comes from a single cultivar), and they’re my favorite because I have a high tolerance, so I need the extra milligrams.

4.) Wyld Marionberry Gummies:

The Taste Budz might be my favorite overall, but these Wyld gummies are by far the best tasting. It’s obvious that Wyld chose the marionberry flavor because the berry itself is purported to be a sleep aid, but this is another realm in which we need to tread carefully because the only chemical in marionberries that’s ever been proven to do anything is the ellagic acid, which is a natural phenol antioxidant.

Anyway, these tasty gummies deliver 10mg THC and 5mg CBN per serving, and they deliver the cannabinoids and nothing but the cannabinoids, so it’s the perfect test product to use if you’d like to see how a THC/CBN combo affects your sleepy time.

5.) Kanha Tranquility:

This is the newest addition to our shelves, and it comes from Sunderstorm, which is a cannabis behemoth from the west coast. And this gummy’s claim to fame is that each package is flushed with nitrogen, so the gummies are just as fresh as the day they were made when you tear into one of these bags.

The gummies themselves also contain fast-acting cannabinoids like a few of the others, but they do so in a 1:1:1 ratio (5mg each of THC, CBD, and CBN). The flavor is blue raspberry (blue berries and raspberries), and each gummy also delivers 1mg melatonin.

6.) Sleepy Time Chocolate Taffy from Cheeba Chews:

The edible landscape in the cannabis industry is obviously gummy dominated (over 80% of all edibles sold are in gummy form), so this chocolate taffy is for all of you looking for something different. And unlike all the previous edibles (except for the 1906 Drops), this one contains 20 smaller servings rather than 10 big ones, so it’s easier to meter your intake. That, and each serving is individually wrapped unlike with all the other edibles we’ve discussed, so it’s perfect if you need a serving on the go. Each delightful little taffy delivers 5mg THC, 2.5mg CBN, and a touch of melatonin.

That’s everything—it’s safe to say that if one of these marijuana edibles for sleep doesn’t help you sleep, there’s no such thing as a marijuana edible that will, so at least you’ll know what’s what after giving one of them a try. Again, I apologize for not being able to say something more definitive as to whether or not one of these will knock you out like you want, but it’s better this way, right? The cannabis industry is still a nascent thing that isn’t yet regulated by the FDA, so at this point in time, it’s safe to say that many of the claims being made about this or that cannabinoid aren’t 100% true, which is where we come in. We’ll always tell you what’s real and what’s fake, what’s fact and what’s opinion, because when it comes to all things cannabis, We’re Your Best Buds!

CBD Products in Durango

I’m just glad I’m not a tourist. Can you imagine that? You travel to Durango, walk into our dispensary, and then you’re surrounded immediately by all the best marijuana products on earth, none of which you can bring home because crossing state lines with marijuana is highly illegal. Know what I mean? I live right down the road, so I get to have my infused cake and eat it, too. And even if a tourist is staying in a hotel, he or she is still most likely out of luck because most hotels don’t allow you to blaze up in your room, which is a shame.

I wrote a much longer piece on the subject that you can read HERE, but basically, you must be on private property and have the property owner’s permission to consume cannabis legally in Colorado, and while most hotels are indeed private property, most of them won’t give you their permission, which is a crucial part of the whole thing. Granted, a few of them allow guests to smoke pot outside right next to all the cigarette smokers, but until there are social consumption lounges that allow indoor smoking, cannabis will always be inconvenient for tourists, which sucks. And the truly unjust component to all of this is that even if that tourist lives in another legal state that borders Colorado, like New Mexico or Arizona, they still can’t bring Colorado cannabis products home because crossing state lines falls under federal jurisdiction. It’s all pretty ridiculous, and it shows how far we still have to go before we can truly call marijuana “legal.”

I cannot tell you how many tourists I’ve disappointed by telling them all of this when they stop by to experience Colorado’s legal cannabis market. They walk in with a bewildered smile that turns upside-down when they learn all the limitations, and then they say something like “oh well” once they realize all their preconceptions were too good to be true. Up until now, best-case-scenario, they could buy a hat or a T shirt as a souvenir and go on their way. But like I said, that was only “up until now.”

You see, thanks to The Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (The Farm Act), hemp became completely legal here in the US. And if you’ll remember from reading THIS blog that describes the difference between hemp and marijuana, you’ll know that they’re both the exact same species of cannabis. Cannabis that contains less than 0.3% THC is referred to as “hemp,” as where cannabis that contains more than 0.3% THC is called “marijuana.” That’s it; that’s literally the only difference.

So, we’ve decided to start selling hemp-derived CBD products that are 100% legal to take home with you, no matter where you live in the United States. Hopefully, it’ll turn some of those tourist frowns right-side up. We’ve partnered with a local company called 4 Corners Cannabis because besides being local, they were also one of the first five companies in the country to produce CBD products from hemp, and they’ve become one of the best thanks to their experience. This five-star rated company started production way back in 2013, and their “farm-to-bottle” approach—wherein literally everything used in their products is sourced locally—has set them apart as the most trustworthy CBD brand in the nation.

But before we dive into the lineup of 4 Corners Cannabis products that we’re selling in Durango’s best dispensary, we should have a quick refresher on CBD itself. You can click HERE for a fuller explanation, but long story short, CBD stands for “cannabidiol.” It’s a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana, meaning that it’s a naturally occurring chemical compound that doesn’t get you high, unlike its famous cousin, THC. People try taking CBD for a smattering of issues, such as inflammation and pain management, but frankly, there haven’t been enough studies done on CBD to determine exactly what it can or cannot do, so everything is rather anecdotal at the moment. However, who knows? Maybe CBD really is the panacea everyone says it is; you’ll just have to try it yourself to find out.

And therein lies the rub: plenty of people want to try CBD without the intoxicating effects (or reginal illegality) associated with THC, and until today, that wasn’t possible in our dispensary because everything we sold had enough THC to preclude it from this category. So now, not only can you purchase products here that you can take home, but you can purchase hemp-derived edibles that are brimming with CBD but devoid of THC to the point wherein you’ll never need to worry about the intoxication. Now all you tourists can have your cake and eat it, too, right alongside locals such as myself.

So… let’s get into the products themselves. We’re selling three 4 Corners Cannabis products from now on: CBD honey, a CBD Tincture, and a CBD Lotion. Here’s what you can expect with each:

I’m starting with the honey because it’s my favorite. And I’m not talking about an itty-bitty jar of honey like you’d expect; this is a monstrous 12oz jug of honey that contains 1000mg of CBD. Each teaspoon delivers 22mg of CBD, which is perfect in my opinion, so all you need to do stir a teaspoon into your morning coffee, and you’ll be good to go. And the honey itself is 100% sourced from right here in Durango, so this product embodies everything a cannabis product should be. This honey is $46 after tax.

Next comes the lotion; it seems like everyone who comes in here looking for CBD asks for a lotion. The hemp-derived version we’re selling from 4 Corners Cannabis has no frills: it’s unscented with as few ingredients as possible, so this stuff delivers the CBD and nothing but the CBD. This lotion contains 500mg CBD, and it’ll deliver 10mg worth with every pump via the convenient dispenser. It’s $30 after tax for a 50ml bottle.

Finally, when it comes to the tincture, I should warn you that this product is formulated with only the benefits of CBD in mind. This means that the only two ingredients are avocado oil and hemp extract, which tastes exactly how it sounds. Many of the tincture producers out there want to coddle their customers, so they add all sorts of unnecessary stuff like sugar and artificial flavoring to make it go down more easily, but trust me, you don’t want that. You want CBD plain and simple, which makes this tincture from 4 Corners Cannabis the best out there. It contains 1000mg CBD, and each 0.25ml serving delivers just over 8mg CBD, so it’s easy to control precisely your CBD intake with this product.

And that’s that! If you’re a local who’s bummed by the fact that quality CBD products used to be found only online or in big cities, come see us and check out the offerings from 4 Corners Cannabis. And if you’re a tourist who’s always been bummed by the fact that you can’t take anything from a dispensary back home to wherever, you need to get in here and check this stuff out. We’re open seven days a week, we’re located close to all the hotels at 208 Parker Avenue right here in Bodo Park, and when it comes to hemp-derived CBD products, We’re Your Best Buds!

Pre-Roll Packs in Durango

Way back in the day, tobacco shops were called “tobacconists,” and for the most part, they sold loose-leaf tobacco. It would be displayed in large glass jars on the counter, usually decorated with parchment paper labels outlining the leaf’s origin and price. Tobacconists were hallowed establishments, places people would go to socialize and shop simultaneously, and I imagine they smelled wonderful, like a mix of dark wood and earthy tobacco.

But then in 1764, when the first rolling paper was invented in Alcoy, Spain, things started to change. The convenience of a quick cigarette trumped the nostalgia of an ornamental pipe, so pre-rolled tobacco started to take over here in America in the early 1800s. Exactly 100 years after the advent of rolling papers, the US government slapped a federal tax on cigarettes for the first time in 1864, and the rest is history. R.J. Reynolds introduced the 20-cigarette pack in 1913, it quickly became the industry standard, and then all the tobacconists that had once been neighborhood fixtures started disappearing because you could buy quick and easy cigarette packs in every corner store.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Yesteryear, when it came to smokable flower, large glass jars filled with pot were just about all you’d find in a dispensary. They were usually decorated with stylized paper labels listing the loose bud’s strain name, potency, and price. You’d choose the pot you wanted, and then slide into a social situation while the budtender weighed it out (but of course, we’ve always done that ahead of time here at The Greenery because we know you have better things to do than wait for weed).

But now, things are changing. The pre-roll is becoming king, just as the cigarette did, and in our industry, we’re seeing a 60% increase in pre-roll popularity year after year. Joints are quick and easy; they’re portable and convenient—they’re everything their tobacco counterpart once was, so it’s easy to see the future of commercial cannabis: it’s the pre-roll pack.

And that, my friends, is why The Greenery just introduced the Pinner Pack. The Pinner Pack is a little black box that fits perfectly in your pocket or purse, and it contains ten, half-gram joints for a total of 5g flower, but the best part is the price: it’s $39 after tax. Seriously, that’s $39 for 10 joints, which is not something I thought I’d see in my lifetime.

For real, the Pinner Pack is perfect. Full-gram joints can be a bit much if you smoke them by yourself, and they taste gross if you put them out and smoke them later. But with half-gram joints, you don’t have to worry about that. Just pull the Pinner Pack out of your pocket and light one up; it’s the perfect size for dog walks or quick breaks. And frankly, given how much waste the cannabis industry creates, the Pinner Pack gets even better once you realize the child-resistant box is made out of food-grade, biodegradable plastic. We thought of everything.

So, who knows? Maybe someday in the distant future, after dispensaries have disappeared because cannabis is sold everywhere, it’s possible that you’ll be able to find the Pinner Pack at every corner store. Maybe there will be a federal tax on it, and maybe this is just the beginning of something huge. Maybe. But until then, when it comes to the best, most affordable pre-roll pack in Durango, the only place you’ll find The Pinner Pack is at The Greenery, because We’re Your Best Buds!