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Wana in Durango: New Products at The Greenery

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Coronavirus was kicking our butts there for a while, and since we were hunkered down behind the glass of our curbside pick-up window, we went through a period wherein we didn’t bring on any new products. But now, things are creeping back towards normality: the kids are back in school, the days are getting cooler, and we’ve reopened our retail floor now that everyone is comfortable wearing masks in public. It’s starting to feel like it used to, and that’s wonderful. So, we decided to bring on a few new products to add some variety to our fall product lineup, and per usual, you get to be the first to hear about it. Let’s get into it…

You’ve all been asking for Wana products in our Durango dispensary for a while, so we made sure to add their stuff first. And if you haven’t heard of Wana, you might be the only one because they’re the largest edible producer in Colorado, and they’re one of the best despite their size. So, we went a little crazy and added quite a few of their products:

  • Wana Quick Frankly, these are probably the best gummies on the market, or at least the fastest acting, because Wana uses thermodynamic individual molecular encapsulation for their THC in this “Quick” version, so you feel the high within 15 minutes. That, and these gummies are vegan and gluten-free, so everybody loves them. The indica version tastes like pina colada, and the sativa flavor is peach bellini.
  • Wana Tarts. The only thing wrong with edibles is that most of them melt in the summer sun, but these tarts are impervious to heat, so this edible is for all you outdoor enthusiasts. Also, you get 20 servings (5mg each) in each pack of tarts instead of 10 like you would with most gummies, so you can control your serving size more easily. The sativa version tastes like hibiscus lemonade, and the indica flavor is mixed berry.
  • Wana Sour Gummies. In this category, we brought on the 2:1 Exotic Yuzu gummy, which delivers 10mg THC and 20mg CBD per gummy, for a 100mg THC and 200mg CBD package total (these things are awesome).

Wana is one of the largest cannabis companies on the planet, but this next brand we added to our shelves, 7Sacred, is one of the smallest. 7Sacred is founded by a local celebrity chef out of Telluride named Mike Alagna, and the connoisseur-grade edibles he makes are no joke—Mike uses locally-sourced ingredients, and he cooks everything in very small batches for quality. And all his edibles are infused with full-spectrum CO2 oil, so the effects are true to the strain. Here are the 7Sacred products you’ll be able to find at The Greenery:

  • 7Sacred Caramels. We’ve added the hybrid Western Slope Apple Butter caramels, and they’re made from local honey crisp apples and honey sourced partially from right here in Durango. These are the old-fashioned caramels wherein little amounts are allowed to cool individually in the wrapper, so they look homemade instead of mass produced. Each caramel delivers 10mg THC, and there are ten of them in each package for a 100mg THC total.
  • 7Saced Truffles. The only thing better than a handmade truffle is a handmade truffle that gets you high, so you’re welcome. These connoisseur-grade truffles deliver 10mg THC each (with a 100mg THC package total). The indica version is mint chocolate, and the sativa version is salted chocolate toffee.

We’ve also added the tinctures from Incredible Wellness to our menu, because these things are as simple and pure as a tincture gets—they contain nothing more than cannabis oil and coconut oil, so you won’t need to worry about added ingredients. We’ve brought on three versions:

  • 1:1. This version contains 100mg of both THC and CBD for a perfectly balanced ratio. Each serving delivers 3.3mg THC/CBD.
  • 10:1. This tincture contains 100mg THC and just a touch of CBD (10MG total), so it’s designed mostly for a recreational high. Each serving delivers 3.3mg THC and 0.33mg CBD.
  • 1:10. This tincture contains 100mg THC like the others, but it also contains a whopping 1000mg CBD; each serving delivers 3.3mg THC and 33.3mg CBD for those really rough days.

Alright… that’s plenty newness in the way of edibles, so let’s talk about other fun stuff. When it comes to vapes, we’ve added the new Flavor Packs from Green Dot. Basically, each Flavor Pack contains two, 500mg carts filled with the finest Live Resin on earth. But each cart in the pack is different, and the good people over at Green Dot have paired them to create an overarching flavor profile for the two, such as “dessert” or “gas.” It’s pure genius.

Also, we’ll have the THCa diamonds (this is the dab that tests at 99.9% THC, so watch yourself) back in stock shortly, meaning we’ll be the only shop in town that sells them, because that’s how we roll. And when it comes to paraphernalia, we’ve added the Wax Stick to our lineup, which is a little adaptor that fits onto any threaded vape pen and allows you to smoke dabs with the same battery you use for cartridges. Ingenious, right?

And that’s that! I’m sure we’ll start piling on the new products now that the world seems to be coming out of its shell, so keep checking back in to be the first to know. We’ll always keep you informed because We’re Your Best Buds!

Upcoming Deals at The Greenery

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Insider information makes everyone feel special. It lets you know what you’re getting into, it gives you a secret to share, and it makes you feel like a prescient part of the team. But recently, I’ve realized that I’ve been a bit covetous of my insider information when I should be sharing it freely. Point in case, we’re running a ridiculously good deal on one of our edible brands right now (I’ll give you the details in a moment), and one of our regulars who loves this brand came in, found out about the deal, and then said something like, “why didn’t you tell me sooner?!” Well, he had a good point, so this week, I’m going to tell you about all the deals we have planned up until November so you can be in the know.

Let’s start with right now—for the entire month of September, we’re running a “buy 2, get 1 free” deal on all Stillwater products, and these things are awesome. I’ve written more about this before (go HERE for more details), but basically, there are two types of edibles these days. The first type, which everyone has tried, is lipid soluble: the THC in these products needs to bind with fats before being processed in your liver, which is why the full high can take up to two hours to kick in. The second type is water-soluble: edibles in this category contain microencapsulated cannabinoids that permeate the semi-permeable barriers in your cell walls, which sounds fancy, but all it means is that the full high can kick in within 30 minutes, which is game-changing.

All Stillwater edibles are water-soluble, so if you want to try something new, now is the time, and there are six different products included in the September sale. Three of them are gummies (Blood Orange, which delivers 5mg THC per serving, Green Tea Mango, which delivers 2.5mg THC and CBD per serving, and Honey Lavender, which delivers 5mg CBD and 0.25mg THC, which is perfect for people looking for a high-free CBD experience). And the other three products are different forms of Ripple, which is a tasteless, odorless, instantly-dissolvable powder that can be added to any food or drink. This product revolutionized the edible game because it’s fast acting and discrete, and in comes in three ratios just like the gummies: the Pure 10 delivers 10mg THC, the Balanced version delivers 5mg THC and CBD, and the Relief delivers 10mg CBD and 0.5mg THC.

Alright… that was all stuff everybody already knows, so let’s look into the future (please imagine hearing mystical sounds). Later this month from 9/15 to 9/21, we’re going to run a deal wherein you can save 25% on all Lucky Turtle products, which is huge! Lucky Turtle’s products are as good as they get, and we carry three of their tinctures (a 60:1 CBD/THC, a 1:1 THC/CBD, and a pure THC option), their CO2 oil refill syringes, and their single-serving honey packets (which are by far my favorite single-serving edibles because they contain 10mg THC/CBD, organic honey, and nothing else). But the reason I said this deal is “huge” is that Lucky Turtle makes some of the best vape oil out there, and during this week, you can pick up a 1000mg refill syringe for $45 after tax, which is a ludicrous deal given this oil’s quality (or you can pick up their Restore tincture, which contains more than 600mg CBD, for $82.50, which is bonkers).

Let’s go even further into the future (imagine more mystical sounds) to look at October. For one, our Durango dispensary will be decorated with all sorts of skeletons and cobwebs because Noah is a Halloween freak, but more importantly, all our Green Dot products will be 10% off for the entire month. All you really need to know about Green Dot is that they make the best concentrates on earth (Leafly magazine called Green Dot’s cartridges the “holy grail,” and they weren’t wrong). We sell Green Dot’s full-spectrum Live Resin and Live Batter, both of which are butane-extracted concentrates made from the best fresh-frozen flower imaginable, and we sell their 500mg FSE cartridges, which really are better than anything else out there (having one of these with you is like having a dab rig in your pocket).

Boom! Now you know what’s coming down the pipe (pun intended) in our pot shop. I’m not going to tell you what’s happening during December because some secrets need to be kept (or, more accurately, I don’t know), so stay tuned, but all you really need to know is that we’re always running an awesome deal because The Greenery is the best Durango dispensary, and because We’re Your Best Buds!