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Cannabis Etiquette

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Smoking pot is a social thing. It breaks the ice, it forms bonds and friendships, it reminds us that being together is better than being apart. There’s simply something about cannabis culture that’s harmonious and gregarious, peace-loving and friendly, and that’s why I love this plant so much. Think about it: when alcohol comes to mind, so does belligerence and abandon, but when pot comes to mind, you picture calm smiles and companionship. But now that marijuana is becoming more mainstream, our culture is changing. Altria (the company that makes Marlboro cigarettes) just invested billions into cannabis, the companies that make Corona and Heineken are already producing cannabis-infused beer, and new stories of corporate acquisitions in the cannabis industry are popping up daily. Pot is becoming a business as opposed to a pleasant secret.

So, what’s that going to do? Is weed going to morph into a pedestrian thing just like all the other stuff you can buy in a corner store? Is the communal, loving culture that’s synonymous with cannabis going to change into blatant consumerism once weed is grown and sold by the same companies that pedal cigarettes? I don’t know. But I do know that the only way to preserve something wonderful is to talk about it and educate the masses—the only way to keep something communal is to discuss the way it brings us together and how to keep it that way. So, this week, I decided to write about how to smoke with other people in a way that preserves the culture that got us here in the first place. If you heed the following rules, you’ll avoid making a flower faux pas, and when you’re smoking with other people, you’ll come across as an OG who cares what pot is all about…

1.) Bring some if you’re invited. Remember, sharing is caring, and that’s what it’s all about. If a buddy invites you to a smoke session, bring some pot. Your buddy called you to be together, not just to get you high, so keep things equal by contributing.

2.) Pay back if you cannot contribute. If you don’t have anything to contribute to a smoke session, take a mental note, because I guarantee that whoever gets you high will remember it, and if you always show up emptyhanded, the invites will start to dwindle. It’s commonsense: if someone smokes you out, you should smoke him or her out.

3.) Think about the group, not yourself; doing so reinforces the sense of community that makes getting high together so wonderful. There are easy ways to do this:

4.) If you load the bowl, offer the first hit to someone else. The first hit, or the “green” hit, is always the most flavorful, so offering it to someone else is tantamount to offering a gift, and that’s exactly the type of thing that brings people together. Of course, there’s an exception to every rule: if you’re smoking a joint or blunt, and you rolled it, it’s okay to light it yourself and take the first hit (it’s the little reward that comes from taking the time to roll a joint).

5.) If someone offers you the first hit, don’t burn all the green in the bowl. Instead, apply the flame to the side of the bowl and burn only a little of the green so the next person in the circle gets some flavor, too. This is called taking a “hippy hit,” and hippies are all about love, which is important.

6.) Keep passing the pipe or joint to the left. If you’re a regular smoker, what I’m about to tell you will sound obscenely obvious, so please remember that I’m writing this for everyone. When people get together to smoke, they form a circle, and it’s important to pass the pipe to your left. Snoop Dog raps about this regularly, and other songs like “Pass the Dutchie on the Lefthand Side” keep the tradition alive, but there’s a reason for it you might not know. Most people are righthanded, so if you pass to your left, you’re putting the pipe directly into your neighbor’s dominant hand, so it’s easier for them to take the pot. True, if you pass to your right, it’s easier because you don’t have to cross your arm to your left, but remember, it’s not about you. It’s about the group, and it needs to stay that way.

7.) Don’t sober shame. Remember, smoking pot in a social setting is about being inclusive. If someone is standing in your circle, and he or she doesn’t want to smoke, don’t give that individual any crap for his or her choice. He or she belongs in the group just as much as you do because being friendly is more important than getting high. But if you’re that person who prefers to stay sober, take the pipe when it’s handed to you and then pass it along instead of holding up your hands and saying “no.” If you’re standing in a circle, don’t break it.

8.) Keep the pipe or joint moving. Let’s be honest: people are intrinsically self-centered, and we all like to be the center of attention. And when a pipe is handed to you, the entire circle’s attention will shift to you. Some people will revel in the spotlight, and they’ll stand there holding the pipe and start talking because everyone is watching. Don’t be that guy; nobody likes that guy. We’re watching you because you’re holding the pot, not because what you’re saying is so interesting. So, take a damn hit and then pass the pipe because we want it, too! If you can’t tell, this one is my personal pet peeve, and it’s usually everyone else’s as well. Holding the pipe and talking is called “camping” (because you’re making the pot stay in one place), and people will usually drop hints like, “hey, you plan on pitching a tent?” Or, they’ll tell you not to “bogart the pot,” because Humphry Bogart always had an unlit cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Don’t camp, don’t bogart, and we’ll all get along.

9.) Don’t slobber on the pipe. There are all sorts of derogatory and disgusting terms for this that I’m going to omit from this blog, but for the love of all things holy, don’t get your spit all over the pipe; there’s nothing worse than a wet hit. If you’re a fan of using too much Chapstick, or you notice that you slobbered the pipe inadvertently, wipe the mouthpiece discreetly on your shirt before passing the pipe to your left.

10.) Let the circle know if you’re sick. For real, the group’s health is more important than your high. If you’re sick, don’t smoke. Or, better yet, bring your own pipe or joint and let it be well-known as to why you’re not sharing. People will thank you for it, and it’s the kind thing to do, especially since more and more people are smoking now and quite a few of us have healthy kids at home to worry about.

11.) Don’t pass an empty bowl. There’s nothing more disappointing than trying to take a hit and not getting one, so if you take the last hit, announce to the group that the “bowl is cashed.” And if you’re contributing to the circle, go ahead and load a new bowl. In this scenario, it’s okay to take the green hit yourself so you don’t miss out on the rotation, but remember the hippy hit.

12.) Don’t “chaz the banger,” or “crust the nail.” Yeah, I gripe about pot becoming big business, but there are some benefits that stem from all the progression, such as the availability of new-school dabs. And with dabs, there comes a whole new litany of rules, but I’ll just list two of them and leave it at that. For one, when you offer someone else a dab, if you’re using your rig, it’s polite to heat the nail and apply the dab yourself while your friend hits. Doing so stresses the communal feel of getting high together, kind of like lighting someone else’s cigarette. But if you’re using someone else’s rig and dabs, the urge to get as high as possible off someone else’s stuff will kick in, and you might overheat the nail to get it as hot as possible to get a big hit: don’t do this. This move is selfish, which goes against the culture, but worse than that, it’ll “chaz” or “crust” the nail, which could make it break at worst, or make the next dab taste bad at best. Remember, think about other people.

See? There’s more to smoking pot than simply lighting it on fire and breathing in the smoke, and just about all of it has to do with getting along together as a group. It’s the keystone to our culture, and it’s important because if we don’t hang onto tradition, smoking pot could turn into something tawdry like taking a shot of cheap tequila at a dive bar. And this “culture” that I keep talking about is alive and well here in our Durango dispensary; we’ve built our business on it. We offer discounts to veterans and people with Colorado medical cards, because these people need it the most. We use living bugs in our grow to kill the bad bugs because we want to keep things as natural as possible. And we do everything we can to preserve the original, communal essence of the cannabis industry, because We’re Your Best Buds!

Connoisseur Cannabis

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Lately, I’ve noticed a shift. About a year ago, most shoppers would come in and ask for my “cheapest” cannabis, but now, people are requesting the “best.” I know this change is occurring, but I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because people bought from illegal dealers less than half a decade ago, and back then, you got what you got, and price was the only variable. But now that there’s a wide variety of legal cannabis, maybe people are slowly starting to lean towards quality over price. Or maybe it’s because legal cannabis has made it so a new, affluent demographic of shopper is buying weed. Or better yet, maybe the consumer base is being educated by a legal cannabis industry, and they’re starting to figure out that you get what you pay for when it comes to pot, just like you do with everything else. I’m not sure. Either way, the cannabis culture is changing into something that values quality over the “let’s get high off something cheap” paradigm that ruled the world back when pot was sold in plastic bags on street corners.

And I can prove it—if you’re an uber pot-nerd and you’d like to read something proving that trends are changing, you can read a bona fide study HERE that was commissioned by the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division to chart the changes in consumer purchasing trends. It shows exactly how the 302 metric tons (holy crap!) of cannabis that were sold in 2017 were allocated between flower and edibles and concentrates and whatnot. Granted, the study doesn’t delve into why the trends are changing, but it proves that they are.

But if you think about it, the “why” doesn’t really matter, and as an integral part of the legal cannabis community here in Colorado, it’s The Greenery’s job to take note of what consumers want and then provide it; that’s what we do. And this week, I wanted to write a post for all you connoisseurs out there and tell you about three top-end products that we’re selling for people with discerning tastes. Let’s get started…

1.) FSE Cartridges from Green Dot Labs.

Simply put, these are incredible. “FSE” stands for “full-spectrum extract,” which means that anything and everything you’ll find in the plant has made its way into these cartridges. Each of these carts is filled with 500mg of the purest, terpene-rich FSE on the market. Green Dot Labs uses in-house genetics for their carts (meaning they grow custom varietals to make the best concentrates) to provide Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid options. I never recommend this product for newbies because it gets you very high, but if you’re a connoisseur, this cartridge is for you because there honestly isn’t a better one on the planet.

2.) Boutique Flower from The Greenery Grow.

We really do grow the best pot in Durango. I’ve written about it before (for more, click HERE) because we’re so proud of our cultivation facility, but it’s all worth saying twice. We use good bugs to kill the bad bugs instead of using caustic pesticides; we pump CO2 particulates onto the fanleaves to increase photosynthesis; we use light-emitting ceramic bulbs that are better than the sun. We do everything possible to grow the highest-quality cannabis to ever grace this mountain town, so if you’re a connoisseur, it’s pointless to shop elsewhere.

3.) Artisanal Chocolate Truffles from Coda Signature.

Coda’s head chocolatier, Lauren Gockley, is one of the ten best in the nation, and I’m not just talking about chocolatiers who make cannabis edibles. This is one of those rare occasions wherein one of the best names in the culinary world decided to play her hand in the cannabis industry, and we’ve all won as a result. Coda’s chocolate can hold its own right alongside the best confections out there and it gets you high, which is a definite win-win. And the hand-painted truffles from Coda (which come in flavors like tiramisu, earl grey, passion fruit, and burnt caramel) are firmly in the connoisseur lane because they’re made from ethically-sourced chocolate, pure CO2 cannabis oil, and unrivaled artistry.

There you go. If you’re one of the discerning customers out there who values quality over thrift, you really should come into our Durango dispensary—we’re selling the best of the best, because if you’re a connoisseur, We’re Your Best Buds too!

December Dispensary Deals

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Quite a few customers who came in on Black Friday were surprised to find that we were offering sales—it’s an odd phenomenon, but for some reason, people think that since we sell marijuana here, we’re different than all the other retail stores in Durango, but we’re not. We accept debit cards, we offer coupons, we offer discounts to veterans: we do all the regular things that regular stores do, even though the product we sell isn’t yet considered “regular.” But I get it: buying legal weed is weird enough as it is, and coupons or discounts make it seem even more surreal.

So, this week, I’ve decided to write a blog centered on all the December discounts you can find in our Durango dispensary. And frankly, it’s something I need to do for myself because we have so many specials this month that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. Seriously. Let’s get started…

For one, all our daily deals are good throughout the month: on Monday, if you buy a gram of flower, your next gram is half-off, and this special can be applied to 28g purchases, which saves you a ton on the best flower in Durango. On Tuesdays, all edibles are 15% off. On Wednesdays, all concentrates are 15% off. On Thursdays, you can take 15% off one item of your choice, including up to an ounce of a single strain of flower. On Fridays, you can pick up a one-gram pre-roll for a buck after spending $50 before tax, and on Saturdays, all our solventless concentrates are 15% off. See what I mean? I haven’t even talked about any December deals, and it still took me a paragraph just to tell you about our daily dispensary deals.

Alright… as to December, we have all sorts of things popping off (the holidays matter to dispensaries just as much as to all the “regular” stores out there). For one, while supplies last, we’re offering a 25% discount on packs of sativa chocolate chip cookies and rosemary cheddar crackers from Love’s Oven, so if edibles are your thing, you should hurry in. We also have a few bottles of CBN capsules from Mary’s Medicinals that are 25% off, so if you’re looking for something that might act as a sleep aid, you should get here quickly as well. And if you’re into vaping, we’re offering a 20% discount on all our 200mg disposable vape pens from Sweet while supplies last.

But here come the big ones: Dab December and Ho Ho Hash!

Dab December: all month long (while supplies last), you can pick up two grams of Sativa House Wax or Shatter or two grams of Wax from West Edison for $50, or five grams of the same concentrates for $100. Those prices are after tax, and if you’re someone who buys dabs, I don’t have to tell you that our Dab December deal is ridiculously awesome.

Ho Ho Hash: throughout December, we’re running a special on select strains of our solventless Moroccan and Lebanese Hash. While supplies last, you can pick up one gram for $15, or five grams for $65, or eight grams (which is your daily limit) for $100. All those prices are after tax, and they’ll save you a ton—any other month, eight grams of Moroccan or Lebanese Hash would cost you $336; you don’t need to be a mathematician to figure out that a $226 discount is a big deal.

There. See why I needed to write it all out? Even now, when people come in and ask, “do you have any deals going on?” I have to stop and think after saying “yes.” If I listed them all out loud, it’d take a while and I’d probably forget a few, so now, you and I both have a blog we can read for a reminder.

That being said, the real reason I wanted to write this was to wish you and yours a happy holiday season. This time of year is always magical, and we need all the well-wishes that can be mustered given all the craziness that’s out there in the world. So, if you need a little something to brighten your days or a gift for the cannabis lover in your life (yes, we sell gift cards, and we’re even offering a $5 bonus on each $50 gift card), come see us and our December deals at 208 Parker Avenue, but make sure to bring your valid I.D. that proves you’re twenty-one or older. We’ve packed December full of all sorts of savings, because We’re Your Best Buds!

What to do if you get too high.

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We’ve all been there, me included. I’ve found myself under the covers in a little ball after too many edibles; I’ve been out with friends after a dab too many thinking that the world was out to get me. Everyone I know has a “dude, I got way too high this one time” story because it’s difficult to find that perfect high without crossing the line at least once (one of my coworkers ended up in a tree). And yes, when it comes to cannabis, moderation is the key just like it is with everything else, but that’s the kind of platitude that doesn’t do anything after the fact. So, this week, I figured it’d be a good idea to give you a few tips on what to do if you have one hit or one cookie too many; here we go…

1.) Don’t panic, because that just makes the experience worse. Remember, cannabis is comparably safe—after all, you can overdose on water and die if you drink too much, but even a ludicrous amount of pot won’t kill you. If you get too high, simply remind yourself that everything is going to be okay and breathe deeply.

2.) Eat. You get munchies after smoking for a reason (your body knows what it needs), and if you get too high, I’d recommend giving into the urge to stuff your face. Just like with other intoxicants, I’ve found that a belly-full of food takes off the edge. And please take this with a grain of salt, but Neil Young swears that black pepper takes away some of the high, or at least the anxiety, so try seasoning your food liberally if you’re eating to combat a high.

3.) Drink water. Frankly, this is good advice even if you’re not too high, but water helps to flush everything out of your system, not just THC, so stay hydrated!

4.) Try taking some CBD. I wrote an entire blog about marijuana myths that you can read HERE because a lot of people think that CBD cancels out a THC high, but it doesn’t. If you take CBD in concert with THC, it adds something to the high rather than taking away from it, but the calming effects of CBD can definitely take the edge off; this is the stoner’s version of “hair of the dog.”

5.) Take a bath. There’s something about hot water that seems to fix everything, and it’s no different when it comes to cannabis. If you get too high, try taking a hot bath or a long shower. Worst case scenario, you’ll be too high in the shower, which is way better than being out in public with all the crazies.

6.) Find something to do. Most of the symptoms associated with an extreme high are in your head (just like the rest of life’s harmless nonsense), so if you distract yourself with a movie (“The Princess Bride” is my recommendation), you’ll be able to think about something else until sobriety comes your way.

7.) Exercise. The cannabinoids in your system are metabolized just like anything else you take in to your body, so if you want to get through it more quickly, go for a brisk walk—you’ll burn calories while sobering up, which is a win-win. Of course, there’s another side to this coin: if you want to hold onto your high because it’s just right, sit on the couch and enjoy the ride.

8.) Find a friend. Most of the issues that stem from an insane high are psychological, so if you get paranoid and anxious, call a friend (if they get annoyed, blame it on me). Having someone to talk you down and soothe the insanity can really help. Hell, if you don’t have a friend, give us a call at (970) 403-3710 and one of our budtenders will chat with you.

And that’s that. As I said in the beginning, it’s best to not to overindulge in the first place. Actually, it was Benjamin Franklin who said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” but that axiom might not relate to our industry because an ounce of anything we sell would definitely be too much of a good thing. But what makes our Durango dispensary different is the fact that we’ll actually tell you to take it easy when you’re shopping here as opposed to selling you as much pot as possible. We’ve trained our budtenders to explain edible serving sizes, and the THC percentage associated with every strain we sell is listed clearly, so you’ll never end up with something more potent than you can handle. The pleasant experience you have with the products we sell is just as important to us as the experience you have while you’re in our store, because after all, We’re Your Best Buds!

Marijuana Myths

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I want to say this outright: CBD does not cancel the high that comes from THC. At least once a day, one of my customers will tell me that they don’t want anything with CBD in it because it “takes away the high,” and at this point, I’m thinking about making a sign that says “no it doesn’t” so I can hold it up for emphasis.

Frankly, the marijuana myth that “CBD cancels THC” is Denver’s fault. It’s part of my job to travel this state and sell products from The Greenery Hash Factory to the other 549 dispensaries in Colorado, and in Denver, just about every shop has a cooler up front that’s filled with CBD water. The budtenders there try to upsell CBD water to customers by saying that “if you have too many edibles and you want to come down, just drink some CBD water,” and doing so has perpetuated this myth to the point wherein the rest of us who know what we’re talking about have to tell people the truth on a daily basis.

Let me give you some proof: we sell a 1:1 single-serving honey packet, meaning that if you eat all the honey, you get 10mg THC and 10mg CBD. If the cancellation myth were true, the 10mg CBD would cancel out the 10mg THC, and this honey would be pointless. But last Father’s Day, I put one of these honey packets in my morning coffee and I got high enough to watch “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” with my daughter, which should tell you something about the honey’s effect…

Next myth: “marijuana is a gateway drug.” Frankly, this is the most asinine myth out there and I start twitching whenever I hear someone say it. Did you know that alcohol is a drug? And did you know that I’ve never met anyone who tried pot before trying alcohol? Do you see what I’m getting at? Alcohol is the gateway drug. Yes, people who smoke cannabis are statistically more likely to try hard drugs later in life, but just about every single one of these people tried alcohol first, ergo, marijuana was tried after they’d already gone through the “gateway.” Get it? And alcohol is dangerous as where pot is not. If you don’t believe me, do some external research: google “number of alcohol-related deaths in America,” and then google “number of marijuana-deaths in America,” and then draw your own conclusions.

Myth number three: “marijuana prohibition protects children.” Seriously, there are people out there who still believe this, even though legal dispensaries are putting street-corner drug dealers out of business, and we check driver’s licenses to make sure our customers are over twenty-one, as where the illegal guys do not. But this myth is by far the easiest to disprove thanks to math: it has been proven statistically that teens who live in legal states like Colorado don’t smoke more than teens who live in states with prohibition (click HERE for proof). And it’s been proven that the number of teens who smoke cannabis in Colorado has actually decreased since we legalized marijuana (click HERE if you don’t believe me). Myths lie, numbers do not.

Lastly, I know it might sound like I wrote this because marijuana myths are personally annoying, but I didn’t—I wrote this because giving accurate information is one of the cornerstones upon which our Durango dispensary is founded. To us, truth and facts matter, and we strive to be honest with all our customers because it’s part of our brand. So, if you have questions about anything cannabis-related of if you’ve heard a few myths you’d like to fact check, give us a call at (970) 403-3710 and we’ll set you straight. Or better yet, if you’re over twenty-one with a valid I.D. proving as much, come see us at 208 Parker Avenue right here in Bodo Park. We’ll take our time to dispel any of the myths you might’ve heard, because We’re Your best Buds, and that’s what we do!

Water-Soluble vs. Lipid-Soluble THC

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I know this blog has a dry title, but this is important stuff, so hang in there; I promise you’ll learn something new. Let’s get started…

When most edibles are made, they’re infused with a distilled oil because it checks most of the boxes: it doesn’t taste too much like pot, it’s potent, and it’s easy to infuse with foods. But the box it doesn’t check deals with how long it takes for the high to kick in—it can take up to two hours, so an edible high is something for which you need to plan. The reason? Distillates are oils, and oils are lipid-soluble, meaning the THC needs to bind with fats which are then processed in your liver, and that takes time.

And that “time” time has always bothered me, just as it bothered Justin Singer, who is one of the founders of “Ripple,” an infused edibles manufacturer that supplies The Greenery with products. But Singer did something about it when it bothered him (instead of complaining like I do) and he invented a water-soluble form of THC distillate. With this new form of concentrate, the THC doesn’t need to bind with fats and be processed in the liver: it gets into your system via absorption as soon as you eat it, and it does so in three different places: sublingually (under your tongue), intestinally, and hepatically (in your liver). It’s all thanks to osmosis, which is a property of water-soluble compounds that allows them to permeate the semipermeable membranes in your body—the science is fun, but all you really need to know is that edibles made with Ripple can take effect after twenty or thirty minutes, which is awesome.

Secondly, believe it or not, Singer was thinking about his grandmother when he invented Ripple because she wanted the relief that can come from cannabinoids, but she didn’t want the sugar that’s inherent to most of the sweet edibles on the market. And as such, when Singer invented Ripple, he made it sugar-free—not only will Ripple products kick in sooner, they’re compatible with low-glycemic diets. Cool, right? And this is important because people over fifty make up the fastest-growing demographic of cannabis consumers (click HERE for a corroborating article), and sugar content is important to these individuals for obvious reasons. Let’s get into the specific Ripple products you can find in our Durango dispensary:

1.) Ripple Pure 10. This product sells for $29 out-the-door, and each bottle contains 10 packets (10mg THC each, for a total of 100mg THC per bottle) of tasteless, odorless, instantly-dissolvable powder that can be added to any drink or food to turn it into a cannabis-infused edible. You can put it in water or juice (or spaghetti sauce, for that matter), so the versatility of this product is unparalleled.

2.) Ripple Balanced 5. The pricing and usage of this product is similar to the Pure 10, but each packet in this product contains a powder that delivers 5mg THC and 5mg CBD for consumers who are looking for the high of THC and the medicinal properties of CBD all in one place.

3.) Ripple relief 20:1. Again, the price and usage are the same for this product as with the last two, but each of these packets delivers 10mg CBD and 0.5mg THC for consumers who are looking for the benefits of CBD without the high of THC. Seriously, Singer covered all the bases when he rolled out Ripple.

Now, that’s all dandy, but what about those of us who like sweet edibles? Face it: sometimes gummies are fun, and if you don’t want to mess around with powders and liquids, but you still want a fast-acting edible, Ripple has you covered with these three products:

1.) Stillwater Blood Orange Gummies. This product sells for $24 out-the-door, and it contains 20, 5mg THC gummies for a total of 100mg THC per container. Thanks to these delicious gummies, we have a bona fide fast-acting edible on our shelves. And this product is doubly awesome because with most gummies, you get 10mg servings instead of 5mg servings, so you can control your serving size much more accurately with this product.

2.) Stillwater Green Tea Mango Gummies. This product is $24 after tax as well, and you still get 20 gummies per container, but each serving delivers 2.5mg THC and 2.5mg CBD for the balance quite a few people ask for when they come into our dispensary.

3.) Stillwater Honey Lavender Gummies. This product is also $24 OTD and it contains 20 servings as well, but each gummy delivers 5mg CBD and 0.25mg THC for the high-free CBD experience for which medicinal shoppers are looking.

Changes in our Durango Dispensary

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Change really is the only constant here at The Greenery, even though saying so sounds like a platitude. But change is a good thing because it means we’re listening to you, our customers. And you’ve been asking for all sorts of things, from flavored exotic vape cartridges to more affordable dabs to fast-acting edibles, so this week, I wanted to check in and tell you about all the new stuff that’s popping off here in our Durango dispensary.

First, let’s talk about people: Jen and Porter are the two newest additions to our team. Jen is the calm, professionally-dressed woman who seems to be catching onto the whole “budtender” thing more quickly than humanly possible, and Porter is the young gentleman with an excited smile who’s probably sold to you more than once if you’re a regular. And I wanted to start off by talking about these two because they’re both wonderful additions to our team, and they’ve made it their personal goals to give you the kind of experience that keeps people coming back to our Durango dispensary.

But if I’m being honest, I know you come here for cannabis, and the good service is just a bonus, so let’s talk about what’s new per the products we’re selling. For one, we’ve added House Wax and Shatter to our shelves. These products are exclusive to The Greenery because they’re made from our boutique flower, and the price is phenomenal—the House Wax sells for $30 per gram after tax, and you can walk out our door with a gram of House Shatter for only $35. Seriously, you won’t find a better dab for a better price in Durango.

Secondly, many of you have been asking for one-gram cartridges, and we listened. We’re selling 1000mg carts filled with terpene-rich distillate for $85, and even though that might sound like a large investment, it’s a wonderful value. Most 500mg carts are priced in the $60 range, so these 1000mg carts save you money if you look at it like you’re buying in bulk, and the distillate inside these large carts is as potent and tasty as it comes. You’ve also been asking for flavored cartridges as well, so once again, we listened, and were now selling distillate PAX Pods that come in an assortment of flavors like Creamsicle and Lime Sherbet (pot has never tasted so good).

And yes, the “fast-acting edibles” I mentioned in that first paragraph do in fact exist. I’ll tell you more about those next week, but we’re now selling gummies and powdered drink additives that are made with a water-soluble THC distillate, which means that these edibles can take effect in as few as thirty minutes. If you’re a fan of edibles, I don’t have to tell you that this is a gamechanger.

Now, if you’ve shopped here before, you know that we have a loyalty card program wherein you can get deep discounts the more you shop (for instance, your tenth pre-roll in our shop will cost you a dollar out the door). But many of you have been telling us you’d like more freedom with your rewards, so once again, we listened, and we rolled out an electronic rewards program. Aren’t we fancy?! I’ll write a dedicated blog about it when the time is right, but basically, we’re using an electronic system that tracks your purchases (so you don’t have to keep a punch card in your wallet), and you’ll be able to use your discounts on just about anything, which wasn’t the case before. Trust me, it’ll be much better.

Okay… that covers all the new stuff, but some things will never change, just like Tupac said—we still have the best cannabis in town, our budtenders are still about fifteen times more knowledgeable than the other guys, and your experience in our store matters to us just as much as the product we sell. And most importantly, we still listen to our customers and make the changes you request. So, if you’re over twenty-one with a valid I.D. proving as much and you’d like to see these changes for yourself, come see us at 208 Parker Avenue, because We’re Your Best Buds!