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Dab Tabs in Durango

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I’d thought that the creativity in the cannabis industry had reached its peak with THC transdermal patches that keep you high for twelve hours, or at least with the THC inhalers that work just like the ones for asthma, because how much more high-tech can things get? Honestly, I’d assumed that “they” had thought of every new and exciting way to get high possible, because there’s only so much you can do with cannabis, right? Well, I was wrong.

Now, we have something called “Dab Tabs” for sale here in our Durango dispensary. And these things have got to be the pinnacle because they’re inordinately novel and ingenious. Basically, a Dab Tab is a little, hexagonal piece of ceramic with an internal matrix suited perfectly for absorbing cannabis concentrates. These things are made by Stratos, and what they do is soak the Dab Tabs in HTFSE (high-terpene, full-spectrum extract), and then put them in a little bottle for you to enjoy.

If you dab with a rig and a banger, all you have to do is put one (or more) of the little ceramic hexagons into your cold banger, put on the carb cap (this part is important), and then do a cold-start dab wherein you slowly heat the banger and then inhale once you see your banger start to fill with vapor. Or, if you use a hand-held vaporizer like the Linx Hypnos Zero (that we also sell in our shop), all you have to do is put one of the Dab Tabs in the chamber right on top of the ceramic donut, push the button, and inhale. Out of a dab rig, you can usually get two or three good hits from a Dab Tab, but in a hand-held device, you can get eight or nine good hits, and these things pack a punch (the ones on our shelves right now are testing in the 70% THC range). For real, these things are mind-blowingly cool.

The only thing you have to watch out for is that right after using a Dab Tab, it’s really hot, so if you try to fish it out of your banger or pen with your fingers, you’ll regret it. But Stratos thinks of everything, so you get a nifty set of branded tweezers with each Dab Tab pack that you can use to handle the hot Dab Tabs. And once a Dab Tab is spent and cooled, all you have to do is throw it in your garden because the inert ceramic will act like an aerator for your soil, so it’s a win-win.

But the best things about the Dab Tabs are the convenience and portability. I mean honestly, if you were in a hurry and wanted to take some dabbable concentrate with you, can you imagine what would happen if you put a gram of wax in your pocket without the container? It’d be a hot, sticky mess that you’d regret, but Dab Tabs are dry to the touch, so you can handle them on the go without making a mess. And we sell two different packs of Dab Tabs here at The Greenery: the trial pack, which contains three Dab Tabs if you simply want to try these things sells for $12 after tax, and the full, 20 Dab Tab packs sells for $60. And the full pack is equal to one full gram of Live Resin, so it’s a spectacular deal.

So, yeah… I apologize for thinking I’d already told you about all the new and exciting things available in the cannabis market, because I was obviously wrong. But I promise to keep blogs like this one coming your way so you can stay informed, and as a company, we promise to keep stocking our shelves with all the new innovations that are out there, because We’re Your Best Buds!