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What are concentrates?

Simply put, a cannabis concentrate is any form of concentrated cannabis. There are about a bazillion different kinds of concentrates, and to learn about each one, click HERE. 

What is dabbing?

“Dabbing” is the slang term for smoking marijuana concentrates. It got it’s name because you smoke only a little “dab” at a time, and for an in-depth explanation as to exactly how it’s done, click HERE. 

What is the difference between marijuana and hemp?

Scientifically speaking, there’s no difference whatsoever because both “hemp” and “marijuana” are the exact same species of plant. But legally speaking, “hemp” is cannabis with a THC percentage less than 0.3% by dry weight, as where “marijuana” is cannabis with a THC percentage greater than 0.3%. 

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that exist in all green, leafy plants, and marijuana is packed with them. They differ from strain to strain, which is why differing cannabis cultivars smell and taste differently. Terpenes are not psychoactive, but they may influence the way your high feels. This is too much of a complex issue to cover via a FAQ, so please click HERE for more information. 

What is a marijuana vape?

When you smoke marijuana, you’re burning plant material and inhaling the smoke—when you vape marijuana, you’re boiling the oil and inhaling the vapor. Dry marijuana flower can be vaped in a specially designed vaporizer, but most commonly, people are referring to vape pens and cartridges that use concentrates marijuana oil when they discuss vaping. Click HERE for a more in-depth explanation. 

What is the entourage effect?

This is the theory that CBD works better when it comes in concert with THC, or the notion that cannabinoids are more effective when coupled with terpenes.