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CBD Products in Durango

I’m just glad I’m not a tourist. Can you imagine that? You travel to Durango, walk into our dispensary, and then you’re surrounded immediately by all the best marijuana products on earth, none of which you can bring home because crossing state lines with marijuana is highly illegal. Know what I mean? I live right down the road, so I get to have my infused cake and eat it, too. And even if a tourist is staying in a hotel, he or she is still most likely out of luck because most hotels don’t allow you to blaze up in your room, which is a shame.

I wrote a much longer piece on the subject that you can read HERE, but basically, you must be on private property and have the property owner’s permission to consume cannabis legally in Colorado, and while most hotels are indeed private property, most of them won’t give you their permission, which is a crucial part of the whole thing. Granted, a few of them allow guests to smoke pot outside right next to all the cigarette smokers, but until there are social consumption lounges that allow indoor smoking, cannabis will always be inconvenient for tourists, which sucks. And the truly unjust component to all of this is that even if that tourist lives in another legal state that borders Colorado, like New Mexico or Arizona, they still can’t bring Colorado cannabis products home because crossing state lines falls under federal jurisdiction. It’s all pretty ridiculous, and it shows how far we still have to go before we can truly call marijuana “legal.”

I cannot tell you how many tourists I’ve disappointed by telling them all of this when they stop by to experience Colorado’s legal cannabis market. They walk in with a bewildered smile that turns upside-down when they learn all the limitations, and then they say something like “oh well” once they realize all their preconceptions were too good to be true. Up until now, best-case-scenario, they could buy a hat or a T shirt as a souvenir and go on their way. But like I said, that was only “up until now.”

You see, thanks to The Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (The Farm Act), hemp became completely legal here in the US. And if you’ll remember from reading THIS blog that describes the difference between hemp and marijuana, you’ll know that they’re both the exact same species of cannabis. Cannabis that contains less than 0.3% THC is referred to as “hemp,” as where cannabis that contains more than 0.3% THC is called “marijuana.” That’s it; that’s literally the only difference.

So, we’ve decided to start selling hemp-derived CBD products that are 100% legal to take home with you, no matter where you live in the United States. Hopefully, it’ll turn some of those tourist frowns right-side up. We’ve partnered with a local company called 4 Corners Cannabis because besides being local, they were also one of the first five companies in the country to produce CBD products from hemp, and they’ve become one of the best thanks to their experience. This five-star rated company started production way back in 2013, and their “farm-to-bottle” approach—wherein literally everything used in their products is sourced locally—has set them apart as the most trustworthy CBD brand in the nation.

But before we dive into the lineup of 4 Corners Cannabis products that we’re selling in Durango’s best dispensary, we should have a quick refresher on CBD itself. You can click HERE for a fuller explanation, but long story short, CBD stands for “cannabidiol.” It’s a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana, meaning that it’s a naturally occurring chemical compound that doesn’t get you high, unlike its famous cousin, THC. People try taking CBD for a smattering of issues, such as inflammation and pain management, but frankly, there haven’t been enough studies done on CBD to determine exactly what it can or cannot do, so everything is rather anecdotal at the moment. However, who knows? Maybe CBD really is the panacea everyone says it is; you’ll just have to try it yourself to find out.

And therein lies the rub: plenty of people want to try CBD without the intoxicating effects (or reginal illegality) associated with THC, and until today, that wasn’t possible in our dispensary because everything we sold had enough THC to preclude it from this category. So now, not only can you purchase products here that you can take home, but you can purchase hemp-derived edibles that are brimming with CBD but devoid of THC to the point wherein you’ll never need to worry about the intoxication. Now all you tourists can have your cake and eat it, too, right alongside locals such as myself.

So… let’s get into the products themselves. We’re selling three 4 Corners Cannabis products from now on: CBD honey, a CBD Tincture, and a CBD Lotion. Here’s what you can expect with each:

I’m starting with the honey because it’s my favorite. And I’m not talking about an itty-bitty jar of honey like you’d expect; this is a monstrous 12oz jug of honey that contains 1000mg of CBD. Each teaspoon delivers 22mg of CBD, which is perfect in my opinion, so all you need to do stir a teaspoon into your morning coffee, and you’ll be good to go. And the honey itself is 100% sourced from right here in Durango, so this product embodies everything a cannabis product should be. This honey is $46 after tax.

Next comes the lotion; it seems like everyone who comes in here looking for CBD asks for a lotion. The hemp-derived version we’re selling from 4 Corners Cannabis has no frills: it’s unscented with as few ingredients as possible, so this stuff delivers the CBD and nothing but the CBD. This lotion contains 500mg CBD, and it’ll deliver 10mg worth with every pump via the convenient dispenser. It’s $30 after tax for a 50ml bottle.

Finally, when it comes to the tincture, I should warn you that this product is formulated with only the benefits of CBD in mind. This means that the only two ingredients are avocado oil and hemp extract, which tastes exactly how it sounds. Many of the tincture producers out there want to coddle their customers, so they add all sorts of unnecessary stuff like sugar and artificial flavoring to make it go down more easily, but trust me, you don’t want that. You want CBD plain and simple, which makes this tincture from 4 Corners Cannabis the best out there. It contains 1000mg CBD, and each 0.25ml serving delivers just over 8mg CBD, so it’s easy to control precisely your CBD intake with this product.

And that’s that! If you’re a local who’s bummed by the fact that quality CBD products used to be found only online or in big cities, come see us and check out the offerings from 4 Corners Cannabis. And if you’re a tourist who’s always been bummed by the fact that you can’t take anything from a dispensary back home to wherever, you need to get in here and check this stuff out. We’re open seven days a week, we’re located close to all the hotels at 208 Parker Avenue right here in Bodo Park, and when it comes to hemp-derived CBD products, We’re Your Best Buds!

King of Diamonds in Durango

No, the “King of Diamonds” isn’t a playing card: it’s the most potent cannabis concentrate you can buy, but we’ll get to that in a second. The real reason I’m writing this is to tell you about all the new and exciting products we’re adding to our shelves for the spring season.

I mean, variety is important, right? It’s been a while since we revamped our lineup, and since I shop only at The Greenery, I noticed recently that our edible and concentrate selections in particular hadn’t changed in a while, so we put our heads together and freshened our offerings with all sorts of stuff, the first of which was the King of Diamonds from Empire.

Look… if you call yourself a dab connoisseur, but you’ve never tried pure diamonds, you need to get in here ASAP before you lose your title. Technically speaking, The King of Diamonds dab is pure THCa crystalline, and since it usually tests at 99.98%, it’s the purest, most potent concentrate on earth. From a distance, this stuff looks exactly like quartz crystal, and it’s difficult to believe that it came from a marijuana plant, but I’ll explain. What they do to make this stuff is to first produce Live Resin: fresh-frozen flower is blasted with butane, and then the resulting oil is cured, which causes THCa crystals to start growing. At this point, the concentrate is simple Live resin, or “diamonds and terp sauce,” but the diamonds themselves still contain some of the yellow terpenes from the plant. So, the geniuses over at Empire take the Live Resin a step further through a process called “recrystallization.” Basically, they take the yellow diamonds out of the Live Resin, melt them down with acetic acid and hexane, and then they let the solution form new crystals, which end up being nearly 100% pure THCa. Crazy, right? And since the THC is left in its acid form, THCa, eating this stuff won’t get you high in the slightest. It’s an inert compound that won’t affect you in a psychotropic manner until you apply heat in your dab rig, which decarboxylates the cannabinoids; science is fun when it pertains to marijuana. And to dab this stuff is to experience something truly unique: the taste is almost nonexistent, and the high is wonderfully bright and clean. We simply love this stuff.

But if you’re a fan of the terp-rich taste that comes from standard Live Resin, we’ve still got you covered. We’ve always sold the best Live Resin on earth from Green Dot, but it’s a tad costly, so we just brought on the Live Resin from West Edison. This stuff is super saucy and potent, and if you get it on Waxy Wednesday, it’s barely over $33 per gram, which is a screaming deal for a concentrate of this quality.

Now, on to edibles! This category is near and dear to my heart because I love the convenience and long-lasting high provided by edibles, and I can say honestly that The Greenery now sells the best edible on earth: Dialed In Gummies. You see, most gummies are infused with hydrocarbon extracts made with butane or other chemical solvents. But Dialed In is made with solventless rosin: they press ice-water-extracted bubble hash in a steam press to squeeze out the cannabinoids. So, this new edible was made without any chemicals whatsoever, and since solventless rosin was used, the gummies retain the terpenes, and the high you get from these is as close to a smoked flower high as you can get without smoking flower. Simply put, Dialed In gummies are a game changer.

But just like all gummies, these can melt in the high heat of summer, so we also brought on one of Colorado’s most popular gummy brands, Green Hornet. These gummies are always consistent, but more importantly, they’re individually packaged. So, if you make the rookie mistake of leaving these in your car and they melt, they’ll still stay separate thanks to the packaging, and all you have to do is throw them in the fridge to make them solid again. This makes them perfect for camping and transporting, which is exactly the type of forethought that makes The Greenery Durango’s best dispensary.

And we also brought on the Quiq Chocolates from Incredibles. They’re also packaged individually, so they’re the best chocolate product for summer months, but more importantly, they’re fast acting. With most edibles, the THC is lipid-soluble, so it needs to bind with fats and be processed in your liver before you feel it. But with these new Quiq Chocolates (and with quite a few of the other edibles we sell, such as Wana), the THC has been nano-encapsulated to make it water-soluble. This means the THC permeates the semi-permeable cell walls in your body, and you can start to feel the high in as little as 15 minutes, which is perfect for impatient stoners.

Finally, we brought on the S’mores Bar from Incredibles for obvious reasons. This 100mg THC bar is made with mini marshmallows and chunks of graham crackers… can you imagine what it would taste like to make an actual s’more with this bar instead of boring non-infused chocolate? Well, we can, and that’s way we started selling it. You’re welcome.

Since you made it this far, I’m going to do something we’ve never done before and give you a sneak peek at the products “coming soon to a dispensary near you” (that would be us). Usually, we keep this stuff quiet because we don’t want the lesser dispensaries in town to get wind of what the best one is doing, but I love our customers, so I’ll divulge a few secrets and tell you what we’re bringing on in the coming months.

First, we’re also going to bring on The Jack of Diamonds from Empire to go right alongside their King. With the Jack version, they grind their large diamonds down into a fine powder that looks like ground table salt. I know that sounds a bit weird at first, but when you figure out that you can roll some of the pure THCa powder into a joint, or sprinkle it into a recipe for a homemade edible, the lightbulb above your head should start blinking.

Secondly, we’re about to order Live Sauce Carts from Harmony for our shelves. The Live Sauce (which is just terpene-rich Live Resin) from Harmony represents the pinnacle of cannabis vapes, and you wouldn’t believe the price if I told you, so I’ll save that surprise for when you arrive.

And lastly, if you’re a fan of edibles like I am, the future is bright for you here at The Greenery. Soon, we’ll have the cannabutter-infused cookies and brownies from Sweet Grass available for sale, and these things taste just like the treats grandma used to make, but they get you high. For hard lozenges, up until now, we’ve sold only the Sweet Pieces from Mountain High, but we’re about to have the Suck It from Canyon available, and I love these things because they contain only 2.5mg per piece (with 40 pieces per package), meaning you can eat quite a few of them if you have a high tolerance instead of having just one, which isn’t the case with most edibles.

We’re also bringing on Mr. Moxey’s Mints, which are the best mints ever in my opinion, and they originated on the west coast, so you know this edible is vetted and awesome. And finally, for all you shoppers who just need a quick and easy single-serving edible, we’re bringing on both Ganjalas and Pressies. The Ganjalas are delectable single-serving taffies made with solventless cannabutter, and they’re a local favorite produced next door in Telluride, so they have one heck of a cult following. And the pressies are quick and easy tablets that deliver 10mg THC per serving, and each one will cost you $4, which makes this the cheapest high you can find in our shop, period.

Boom! You made it to the end. I’m sorry this one was so long, but the list of new marijuana products we’re adding this summer deserves the attention. And as always, if we didn’t add to our lineup something you’d like to see, please just shoot a message to, and I’ll look into it. It’s very important to us as Durango’s highest-rated dispensary to offer all the things you want, and to always come fresh with a new variety of products to keep you excited every year, because We’re Your Best Buds!

How Much Edible Should I Eat?

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Well, you shouldn’t eat all of them. Every single stoner I know has a “this one time” story wherein they ate way too much, and most of those stories end up in a tree, on in the fetal position under a blanket. And that’s because it’s possible to get infinitely higher from edibles than from smokables. I’m not going to delve too deeply into the “why” of that because an in-depth explanation would take a blog of its own, but it has to do with the way ingested cannabinoids are absorbed in your system: compared to smoking, edibles deliver a much larger fraction of THC to the liver wherein it’s converted to 11-hydroxy-THC, which is much more potent than the lung-absorbed delta-9 THC you get from smoking (click HERE if you want to learn more). That, and due to your metabolism, eaten cannabinoids will affect you much longer than the smoked ones, so if you eat too much edible, the mistake can stay with you for more than six hours, which is a crazy ride if you’re not ready for it.

So, getting back to the question that started all this, how can you figure out the proper amount to consume if you’ve never had an edible? It can be super tricky because most edibles are infused with lipid-soluble THC, meaning it first has to bind with fats and then be processed in your liver, so it takes about an hour and a half for the full effect to kick in—this means that during your first experience, you won’t know if you took too much or too little until long after you eat that edible. But there are a couple tricks you can use to figure it out.

First, start low and go slow. Rhyming advice is always the best because you’ll remember it. In Colorado, recreational edibles are capped at 10mg THC with a maximum of 100mg THC per package. Most producers jumped straight to the maximum to be competitive, so most edibles have a 10mg recommended serving size, but that can be way, way too much for most first-time users. So, here’s the trick: cut one of those 10mg servings in half so you take only 5mg. But here’s the difficult part: you must wait a solid hour-and-a-half before you even consider eating that other half. I can’t tell you how many people have heard me give that advice here in our Durango dispensary just to come back the next day to tell me they wish they had listened. When it comes to edibles, once you eat it, you cannot un-eat it, so start low, and go slow. Having a pleasurable experience is way better than going extreme, so please, take my advice.

However, there are two things to consider when halving an edible. One, not all edibles in Colorado are homogenous—some of them are surface-applicated, meaning the THC oil was placed somewhere on the surface of the edible. So, with these edibles, if you cut them in half, you might get lucky and split the drop of oil in half as well, but more often than not, one of the halves will have all the pot and the other half will just be food. So, it’s important to ask your budtenders the right questions (but in our shop, which is the best dispensary in Durango, we’ll tell you ahead of time, so no worries).

Secondly, once that edible starts to kick in, so will the time dysmorphia; you’ll start to think it’s been longer than it really has since you ate that first half. And you’ll be feeling good, so you’ll consider that other half sooner than I recommended a couple paragraphs ago. And then, boom: you’re up in a tree or under a blanket.

If all that sounds too high maintenance for you, I’ve got another trick: for your first time, try a fast-acting edible (maybe I should’ve just started with this). You see, besides the lipid-soluble edibles I’ve been talking about, in Colorado, we also have water-soluble edibles. With these, the cannabinoids are nano-encapsulated with a surfactant. This isolates single THC molecules and makes them water-soluble, so instead of having to wait for them to bind with fats and be processed in your liver, you get a quick high because the THC permeates the semi-permeable cell walls in your body, thereby getting the intoxicant into your system quickly. That way, once you ingest the 5mg I recommend for first-time users, you’ll know where you’re at per the effect within 30-45 minutes, which is half as long, and perfect for experiments such as these. But your body also processes water-soluble cannabinoids much more quickly than the other kind, so your high won’t last as long. If you want your high to last longer, you’ll need the lipid-soluble type of edible, but at least with this second trick, you’ll learn how many milligrams are perfect for you before going the long-lasting route.

Alright… once you have your serving size figured out, I have a pro tip for you: mix water-soluble and lipid-soluble edibles. It’s wonderful, so hear me out. Let’s say your perfect serving size is 10mg THC—if you take 5mg of a water-soluble edible and 5mg of a lipid-soluble edible, the water-soluble kind will kick in quickly, and then the lipid-soluble edible will start to kick in down the road and last longer. That way, you get the best of both worlds. You’re welcome.

Even the most devout edible consumers get wide-eyed when I tell them this trick, because it’s not something known by most marijuana professionals, and honestly, it’s why you should keep checking back in and reading this blog; we have pro tips galore! But more importantly, our store carries every type of edible you can think of (and some you cannot), and our educated, professional, friendly dispensary budtenders will take the time to explain all of this to you if you still have questions, because We’re Your Best Buds!

Best Edibles in Colorado

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Best Edibles in Colorado

I’ll admit it: I’m an edible lush. I can’t remember the last night I drifted off to sleep without a belly full of THC, nor can I remember a Saturday in recent history wherein I didn’t spend the morning in a haze thanks to an edible or two. That, taken in concert with the fact that I work in a dispensary, and the fact that I write about marijuana for this blog and two other local publications, means that I’m well qualified to list “the best edibles in Colorado.” But before we get into all that, I wanted to talk about my methodology for creating this list, because most edible “best of” lists focus too strongly on the food itself. For instance, “taste” is usually the first criteria looked at, but that’s ridiculous. If I want good-tasting candy, I go buy good-tasting candy. But when it comes to an edible, it’s the high that matters, not the food that contains the cannabinoids, so taste will be the last thing I consider in my rankings. Make sense?

Secondly, there’s a caveat we need to get out of the way. I’d imagine that a few of you who found this blog via a Google search have never tried a Colorado recreational edible, so I wanted to leaven this list with a little advice: start small and start slow. Here in Colorado, the regulations make it so a recreational edible cannot have more than 10mg THC per serving (and there cannot be more than 100mg THC in the package), but 10mg THC is way too much for some first-time edible consumers. Most edible producers jumped straight to the maximum 10mg per serving so their product could compete, but when most first-time consumers take “one serving,” it floors them, and they have a terrible first experience. Also, since the THC in an edible takes time to get into your system (it can take up to two hours to feel the full intensity), a lot of first-time consumers end up eating way too much because they don’t feel the high quickly, which they try to fix by eating more. So, if you don’t know how much of a serving suits you, try taking half the gummy (or a quarter if you’re the cautious type), and then wait an entire hour and a half before even considering the other half. And then once you figure out how much THC makes a perfect serving size for you personally, come back to this list and choose accordingly.

Alright… without further ado, here’s my take on The Best Cannabis Infused Edibles in Colorado:

The Best Edible for Nighttime:

3.) Ripple Green Tea Mango Gummies

2.) Dixie Tropic Twist Gummies

1.) 1906 Midnight Dark Chocolate Gems

Starting with number three, all Ripple products are water-soluble, so these gummies take effect very quickly, which is perfect if you’re in a hurry to get to bed. And they have a perfect 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD (each gummy delivers 2.5mg THC/CBD), so the high is mellow and perfect for calming thoughts. The Tropic Twist Gummies from Dixie are infused with an Indica CO2 oil, and each one delivers 10mg THC, which makes them four times as potent as number three, which is perfect for those of us with a high tolerance. And lastly, the 1906 Midnight is as good as an edible gets for the nighttime. Yes, they’re water soluble and they deliver 5mg THC/CBD per serving, but they’re also made with corydalis rhizome extract, so these things will glue you to your sheets like no other edible.

The Best Morning/Daytime Edible:

3.) Sweet Pieces

2.) Binske Mango Gummies

1.) 1906 Go Beans

The Sweet Pieces made it to number three because hard candy makes a perfect backpacking companion, and because each serving delivers 5mg THC and 1.5mg CBD, which is nice. The Mango Gummies from Binske are vegan, believe it or not, and they’re no stranger to “best of” lists because they won Leafly’s edible brand of the year for 2018. The Go Beans, however, are on an entirely different level with it comes to edibles. They’re chocolate-covered coffee beans, and the caffeine pairs perfectly with the extra theobromine and the 5mg of water-soluble THC/CBD in each serving. For real, if not for the caffeine that makes the Go Beans unsuitable for the evening, this product would be my pick for overall best edible, because they’re so, so awesome.

The Best CBD Edible:

3.) Ripple Relief

2.) TasteBudz 50:1 Gummies

1.) Lucky Turtle No Bad Days Tincture

Since Ripple Relief is a water-soluble, tasteless, odorless, instantly-dissolvable powder that you can mix with any food or drink, it deserves its place on the list. The 50:1 gummies from TasteBudz, however, are such a good deal that they landed in second. These gummies are $42 after tax, and each one provides 50mg CBD and 1mg THC (for a CBD package total of 500mg), and that’s insanely affordable. But the No Bad Days tincture contains a whopping 1500mg CBD, making it a 100-day supply, so it definitely wins.

The Best Solventless Edible:

2.) 1906 Beboe Pastilles

1.) Love’s Oven Turtle Brownies

Yes, there are only two winners in this category. It’s because we sell only two solventless edibles given that we haven’t found another option out there that’s good enough for our shelves. And really, that’s a weird thing when you think about it, because since solventless edibles are made without any chemicals whatsoever, you’d think there’d be more demand for them. Oh well. Anyway, “pastille” is just a fancy word for “dissolvable candy,” and these from 1906 are made with decarboxylated bubble hash. That means the only things used to take the THC out of the plant were water and ice, which is pretty cool. The Turtle Brownies that came in first place are made with canna-butter, which is the original way of making edibles. It’s nice to see modern companies stick to traditions, so Love’s Oven is the winner.

The Best Discrete Edible:

3.) Ripple Pure 10

2.) Dixie Mints

1.) Altus Tablets

A lot of our customers are tourists who come from a place where cannabis is still illegal, so many of them turn to discrete edibles out of habit while they’re in Durango. I get it. The Ripple Pure 10 is more of that powder (and there’s nothing more discrete than an infused water bottle), the mints from Dixie are super small mints (the entire package fits in even the smallest pockets), but Altus is the winner. These tablets look much like Advil pills, you get 20 in a container (each of which delivers 5mg THC), and they deliver a spectacular Indica or Sativa high.

The Best Single-Serving Edible:

3.) Caramel Apple Mountain High Sucker

2.) Espresso Chocolate on a Spoon from Coda

1.) Lucky Turtle Honey

I loved those green apple suckers covered with caramel when I was a kid, and now that they make them with marijuana, I love them as an adult, too. Each one delivers 10mg THC and 3mg CBD. When it comes to the espresso chocolate on a spoon, you’re supposed to stir it into hot water to make an infused mocha at home, but these things taste so good that I always skip the water part and eat the chocolate right off the spoon. Each one delivers 10mg THC, and that good taste has nothing to do with this product’s second-place finish: the CO2 oil high is wonderful. However, the 10mg THC/CBD (1:1) honey packet from Lucky Turtle wins. The honey is locally sourced and the high from this single-serving edible is suited for anytime, anywhere.

The Best All-around Edible:

3.) Strawberry Stroopwafel

2.) Taste Buds Kiwi Strawberry Gummies

1.) Coda Cream and Crumble

I know I said that taste is the last thing I look at when ranking edibles, but all three of these winners taste so, so good. For instance, a “Stroopwafel” is two small waffles sandwiched together with sugary strawberry syrup in the middle. As to the Kiwi Strawberry gummies, they’re made with strain-specific oil (meaning only one strain of flower was used), and the quality is as good as a gummy gets. The Cream and Crumble bar, however, is next level. I’ve written about Coda before because this company was founded by Lauren Gockley, one of the best chocolatiers in the world, and their extraction techs have CO2 oil down to an art. The Cream and Crumble bar is made from white chocolate infused with lemon zest and spiced crumble: it tastes a lot like a key lime bar, and it delivers 20, 5mg THC servings, which is rare for a bar.

Boom! List complete. And for the record, no, I didn’t choose these edibles simply because we sell them. It’s no coincidence that we happen to sell all the “best edibles in Colorado,” because we’ve spent years scouring the market for the best of everything. And frankly, that means you get a double whammy when you come here: you can buy the best edibles in Colorado from the best dispensary in Durango. It’s a win/win, which is something we’ve always tried to provide, because We’re Your Best Buds!

1906 in Durango

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I’ve told you before why marijuana was illegal. You can read the full explanation HERE, but basically, it’s all because of three old buttheads. One of them ran a papermill and he didn’t want legal hemp to compete with his tree farms, one was about to be out of a job after the end of alcohol prohibition so he picked a different drug to target, and one was Richard Nixon, who had more problems than I care to list in a blog. But basically, the first butthead got the ball rolling in 1906 when the Wiley Act (or the “Pure Food and Drug Act”) was passed. This act limited the sale of marijuana to pharmacies, and it started the slippery slope that lead to where we are today, wherein there are still Americans serving life sentences for marijuana possession in medieval states like Florida.

But Colorado is cool, obviously, and we build schools with the tax revenue that comes from selling cannabis as opposed to putting peaceful people in jail for smoking the stuff. Business is booming. New companies are opening weekly, and novel products are hitting the shelves one right after another. Usually, the new products are suspiciously like the old ones, albeit with fancy new marketing campaigns. But every once in a while, a new company will come along with a product that’s outside the norm, and that’s exactly what happened with the company “1906.”

First, I just want to say that I love their name. By coopting the date that started marijuana prohibition, the people over at 1906 are celebrating the fact that the nonsense is mostly over. That, and when you see the year it started, it really makes you realize how antiquated cannabis prohibition really is.

Anyway, 1906 is different. Most of the edible manufactures out there focus only on the THC content of their products; those products are aimed at getting you as high as possible for as cheaply as possible. But 1906 cares way more about the experience and the quality of the food itself. Seriously, 1906 represents the pinnacle of connoisseur cannabis edibles, so if you’re looking for quality over a cheap high, you need to try this brand. Every product they make contains a 1:1 ration of THC to CBD, all their cannabinoids have been nano encapsulated to make them water-soluble (meaning you start to feel the effect within 15 minutes), and 1906 adds secondary plant compounds to elicit certain effects. So, this week, I wanted to introduce you to the 1906 products we’ve added to our shelves, which are broken down into four “experiences”:

Midnight This is a box of delectable dark chocolate containing 6 gems, each of which delivers 5mg THC and 5mg CBD worth of water-soluble cannabinoids, and like the name would suggest, this product is marketed as a sleep aid. Frankly, I don’t even recommend this product to people looking for a recreational high because the Midnight usually makes me pass out before I can enjoy it, but I wake up in the morning with a rested smile on my face. And the reason might be the added corydalis, which has been used in Eastern medicine for a centuries to help people sink into their pillows.

Love These dark chocolate-covered coffee beans, which come 20 to a pack, deliver 5mg THC and 5mg CBD each, but they’re also leavened with Theobromine, Ashwagandha, Damiana, and Catuba, the last of which is known as “the Viagra of the Amazon.” Yes, these beans are designed for you-know-what, and they’re wonderful.

Go These are dark chocolate-covered coffee beans as well with the same 1:1 cannabinoid ratio as all the other 1906 products, but they’re sativa-dominant, and they’re designed to get you going. This 1906 cornerstone product is bolstered with plant derivatives such as Alpina Galanga and L-Theanine, and I can’t remember the last Saturday morning I didn’t improve with a couple Go beans.

Bliss The only thing better than chocolate peanut butter cups are chocolate peanut butter cups that get you high, and these are the best ones out there. This is a single-serving pack of two cups, each of which delivers that 5mg THC/CBD balance that made 1906 the best. The added Kana and Magnolia are said to cover you in a blissful pall that adds a pleasant haze to your day, and I can’t recommend the Bliss peanut butter cups strongly enough.

Sounds nice, right? So, if you’re the type of edible consumer who values quality over potency (aka an adult), and you haven’t tried a 1906 product, get in here ASAP. And for a pro tip, come on a Tuesday, because all our edibles are 15% off. And as always, if you have questions about these products that I didn’t answer, please come into our Durango dispensary and ask. We’ll always take the time to tell you everything we know about every 1906 edible we sell, because We’re Your Best Buds!

Cannabis Dinner Parties

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Cannabis dinner parties. They exist. And I mean, why not? Pot is just like everything else in our culture in that trendy things come and go, and right now, cannabis dinner parties are pretty popular. The big cities even have licensed chefs on Craigslist who will come into your home and do all the cooking for you; they’ll create three-course meals centered on infused edibles and they’ll dole out some cannabis education while they’re at it. Sure, that sounds fun, but it also sounds expensive, and Durango isn’t one of those “big cities” in the first place. So, if you live in a mountain town like ours and you want to throw a cannabis dinner party, you must do it yourself.

I’m going to tell you exactly how to do it, but first, I need to drop a few disclaimers. For one, if you plan on throwing a cannabis dinner party, please make sure all your guests designate a driver. It’s just as illegal to drive under the influence of cannabis as it is when it comes to alcohol, and it’s dangerous, so do the grownup thing. Secondly, edibles can take up to an hour to kick in, so please keep that in mind, and communicate this fact to all your guests. Trust me, you don’t want your friends to overindulge in the beginning, because by the end of dinner, they’ll turn into drooling zombies who won’t get off your couch. You don’t want that. Third, the state-recommended serving size is 10mg, so you’ll want to design your dinner in a way that makes it so a guest can enjoy all three courses without exceeding 10mg total THC—this can be a bit tricky to do, but don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it. And for the record, there’s nothing wrong with consuming more than 10mg of THC, just like there’s nothing wrong with having more than one beer. It’s just important to know your preferred serving size when it comes to THC, and if any of your guests are newbies, it’s important to keep things in check so they have a good time. And lastly, it’s important to offer non-infused options for those designated drivers; the only thing worse than not being able to get high is not being able to eat as well.

Alright. I’m going to give you three example recipes so you can cover an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert, but I’m going to keep things simple so you don’t have to put in too much work (because that’s not what pot is about).

1.) Let’s start with a salad. A good salad is healthy and classy, and it breaks that brownie-only paradigm most people have when it comes to infused edibles. And in this case, we’re going to infuse the dressing—doing so makes it easy to control your serving size, and all you’d have to do for those designated drivers is offer some regular dressing to keep them sober. So, get yourself some good romaine lettuce, croutons, and anchovy filets for a garnish, and then combine all these ingredients for the dressing:

  • ½ TSP anchovy paste
  • 1 TBS lemon juice
  • 1 clove garlic, finely minced
  • ¼ cup parmesan cheese
  • ½ TSP Dijon mustard
  • ½ TSP Worcestershire
  • ½ cup mayonnaise
  • 1/8th TSP each, salt and pepper
  • 2, 10mg packets Ripple Pure 10.

This dressing recipe will make five servings, and if you do the math, after adding the 20mg THC, each serving will contain roughly 3mg THC given what will be left over in the dressing bowl. So, do you see what I’m doing? If you create three courses, each containing about 3mg THC, the entire dinner will give each guest the target 10mg of THC. Math is your friend when it comes to edibles. And my choice to use Ripple in the first course was intentional: Ripple is made with a water-soluble THC distillate (I wrote a whole blog on the subject that you can read HERE), which means it will kick in much sooner than something lipid-soluble. This means that your guests will start to feel the high right in the middle of your main course; that’s next-level hosting.

Now, onto the main course. Since I started with an infused topping, I’m going to stay in that lane and give you a recipe for a badass gravy. You can put it on steak or chicken or potatoes, and people who are trying to stay sober can simply go without gravy. But I’m just going to give you the ingredients (if you don’t know how to make gravy, you shouldn’t be hosting dinner parties):

  • 1 cup chicken stock
  • 1 beef bouillon cube
  • ½ TBS canna-butter
  • 3 ½ TBS unsalted butter
  • 1/8th cup flour
  • ½ TSP onion powder
  • 1/8th TSP thyme
  • ¼ TSP sage
  • ½ TSP rosemary
  • ¼ TSP each, salt and pepper

Please don’t let that “canna-butter” ingredient scare you because it’s relatively easy to make. I wrote an entire blog about the process that you can read HERE. If you follow my instructions, a ½ tablespoon will contain 20mg THC, and once again, if you split this gravy into five equal portions, each guest will get just over 3mg, thereby bringing our two-meal total to just over 6mg THC. But please remember, if you’re not up to making your own canna-butter, you can simply add two packets of Ripple to the gravy and achieve the same results.

Onto dessert! If you clicked that last “HERE” I gave you, you read directions on how to make infused oil. And if you make infused oil and then do a quick google search for oil-based brownie recipes, you can serve your guests pot brownies topped with ice cream for the final course. But I’m going to pretend that you’re a lazy stoner like I am, and since cooking two courses is tiring, we’re going to make dessert easy. Here are the ingredients:

  • Ice Cream
  • 4oz melting chocolate
  • 2 – Coda single-serving hot-chocolate on a spoon.

If you mix all the chocolate together, melt it, and then pour it over five servings of ice cream, that will give your guests another 3mg THC each, and then everyone will be sitting comfortably at about 10mg each after the dinner is over. And then if you throw in a couple grab-bags for your guests containing after-dinner joints and whatnot, it’ll be a dinner party worth putting on Pinterest (but I don’t know if you’re allowed to pin pot stuff).

Of course, cannabis dinner ideas are limited only by your imagination, and for inspiration, there are all sorts of sites like THIS one that’ll give you all the ideas you need to be Martha Stewart crossed with Snoop Dog in the kitchen. And we sell all the pot-related stuff you’ll need to complete these recipes right here in our Durango dispensary. So, if you’re thinking about throwing a cannabis dinner party, bring your valid I.D. proving that you’re 21 or over and come see us at 208 Parker Ave, because We’re Your Best Buds!

Cooking with Cannabis

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I’m not sure why I’ve waited so long to write a blog like this one because customers ask me frequently about cooking with the cannabis they buy in our Durango dispensary. Maybe it’s because we sell about seven billion different types of edibles, and it might be a bit pointless to make an edible when you can simply buy one that’s made by state-regulated professionals. But I don’t want to leave all you do-it-yourselfers in the lurch, so this week, we’re going to dive into the subject.

There are two different ways to make infused edibles at home (which is perfectly legal to do so long as you live here in Colorado). The easiest way is to come into our shop and buy some oil or powdered distillate that you can mix in with your recipe, but this isn’t the method most people use because the end product isn’t technically “homemade,” so we’ll discuss the other method first: homemade infused oil or canna-butter.

The biggest mistake most newbies make is to not decarboxylate their cannabis before starting this process. All the THC (the stuff that gets you high) is in its acid form in raw flower (THCa), so even if you ate the pot straight, or mixed it in with a recipe, it wouldn’t get you high. That’d be a huge waste, so, as step number one, coarsely grind your flower and then bake in on a sheet in your oven at 250 degrees for about thirty minutes. If you grind the flower too finely, it’ll add a burnt taste to your recipe, and if you cook it at too hot a temperature, you’ll degrade all the THC, which will also lead to disappointing sobriety. And if this is your first rodeo, I’d suggest starting with 7 to 14 grams of flower at most so you don’t waste a lot of weed when you mess up. It happens.

Alright… now that you have some coarsely-ground, decarboxylated flower, the next step is to infuse some oil or butter so you can get that cannabis into your belly. It’s always best to use a one-to-one ratio—in other words, mix one cup of oil or butter with one cup of the decarboxylated flower. Some people go overboard with this process and try to use tons of pot, but there’s only so much THC that’ll bind with the lipids in your oil/butter, so don’t do this because it’s also a waste (wasting pot is sacrilegious). Now, as step two, take that one-to-one mixture and cook it in a pan on your stovetop for about ten minutes. This time, you’re using the heat to get the THC into the oil or butter, not to decarboxylate the THC, so it’s best to use a very low temperature; you never want your mixture to boil. And then for step three, let the mixture cool for a bit so it’s safe to handle, and then strain it through a cheesecloth into a jar; the cheesecloth will remove all the plant matter from your infused butter or oil. Boom! Now you have infused oil or butter, and all you need to do is use it instead of regular oil or butter in your favorite recipe to make a marijuana edible.

But here comes the hard part: how potent is that oil you just made? Before I get into that, I need to drop a few disclaimers. I work in a recreational marijuana dispensary, and as such, I’m not allowed to recommend an edible serving that’s over 10 milligrams of THC (which is plenty). Secondly, I’m about to give you an equation to use to figure out potency, but I cannot guarantee its accuracy; what follows is only for rough estimations. Here it is:

  • Take the number of grams of flower you used to make your oil and multiply it by 1000 (all this does is convert the weight into milligrams). For the rest of this example equation, we’re going to assume you took my advice and started your first batch with seven grams, so, 7 X 1000 = 7000.
  • Next, look at the bottle of flower you bought from us and find the THC percentage, and then convert it into a decimal. For example, if you bought some of the Sour Grape that’s on our menu as I’m typing this, the THC percentage is 20%, so the decimal equivalent is 0.20.
  • Now, multiply the figure from step one by the figure from step two: 7000 X 0.20 = 1400. This will give you the total number of THC milligrams in your oil or butter.
  • Next, figure out how many tablespoons of oil or butter you mixed with the flower. With 7 grams of flower, I’d recommend using two cups of oil or butter, which is 32 tablespoons.
  • Now, divide the total number of THC milligrams from step 3 by the total number of tablespoons from step 4. So, 1400 / 32 = 43.75. This means you can assume that every tablespoon of oil/butter that you just made contains about 40mg THC.

But please remember my disclaimers! This equation works well for rough estimates only because there are too many variables. Maybe you cooked the oil longer than necessary or didn’t decarboxylate the flower enough; there are all sorts of human errors that can mess up the math. So, the best bet is to always try eating a quarter tablespoon of the oil or butter you made when it’s safe to get high; if the pot you used was in that 20% THC range, a quarter tablespoon should give you about 10mg THC if you followed my instructions. And if you’re a regular consumer of edibles, you’ll know what that feels like. If not, come in and buy a 10mg single-serve cookie, eat it, and take notes as to how the high felt. It’s always best to wait an hour and a half for the full effect to kick in, and since you’re essentially doing an experiment at home, it’s always best to time that hour and a half with a clock so you can be sure of the results. And then the next day, try a quarter tablespoon of your homemade oil, time the hour and a half, take notes, and then compare your findings. Since you won’t be able to use a lab to test the potency of your oil like the pros do with recreational edibles, this method is the best one to determine the potency of your homemade infused oil or butter.

Now, unfortunately, we’re not quite done with math because we need to figure out the serving size for the edible you make with your oil or butter. For example, a basic brownie recipe that uses oil calls for ¾ of a cup, which is 12 tablespoons. In this instance, I’d recommend using a half-and-half mixture of infused oil and regular oil, or 6 tablespoons of infused oil and 6 tablespoons of regular oil. With the equation we used above that determined our oil contained 40mg THC per tablespoon, it would mean that our brownie mix contains 240mg of THC (6 X 40 = 240). So, once the brownies were baked, you’d have to cut 24 equal-sized brownies to get brownies that contained 10mg THC each (240 / 10 = 24). As one last disclaimer, I’d recommend doing this entire process sober, so you don’t mess up the math. That way, you aren’t trusting “pot luck.” Get it?

Alright, now onto the quickest method: simply buy some CO2 oil or Ripple from us and mix it into your recipe. For real, this method is super easy. For example, we sell bottles of Ripple for $29, and they contain 10, 10mg packs of tasteless, odorless THC distillate powder. So, if you mixed up some regular brownie mix, dumped in ten packs of Ripple, baked the brownies, and then cut out ten brownies, each one would contain 10mg THC. See? It only took me a paragraph to write instructions for this version as opposed to the 1,200 words it took me to tell you how to start from scratch.

That being said, cooking with CO2 oil requires a bit of math, but it’s a much more economic route to take. For example, the bottle of Ripple I told you about contains 100mg of THC for $29, but a one-gram oil syringe that sells for $60 contains around 750mg of THC. I’ve already done a ton of math, so it won’t hurt to do more—for the Ripple, each milligram of THC costs $0.29 as where with the oil, each milligram of THC will cost you $0.08, and you get more than seven times as much THC with the oil. So, let’s get into that equation (I promise it’ll be quick):

Look at the label on the syringe of oil. If you bought it from us, it’ll tell you how many milligrams of THC are contained therein. The one that’s on my desk as I write this contains 750mg of THC. So, if you were to use half of the oil in the batch of whatever you’re cooking, you’d infuse the batch with 375mg THC. So, if you used that amount of oil to make a batch of brownies, you’d want to cut it into 38 pieces to get brownies that contained 10mg THC each. But as a tip, when cooking with CO2 oil, it’s very, very important to evenly distribute the oil into the batter and mix it thoroughly. If you don’t, the oil might stay in one place, and you could end up with a couple brownies that get you way too high and a lot of brownies that don’t do anything besides taste like brownies. There. We’ve covered it all, from mixing in something premade to starting from scratch.

Since this is such a popular topic, I’ll write another piece for you in a week or two because this blog is already too long—I’ll talk about cannabis dinner parties and give you a few recipes, so stay tuned. But until then, come on in with your valid I.D. proving you’re over 21 and see us at 208 Parker Avenue right here in Bodo Park. Quite a few of our budtenders know about cooking with Cannabis in Durango, so if you have any questions while you’re here, feel free to ask, because We’re Your Best Buds!

Connoisseur Cannabis

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Lately, I’ve noticed a shift. About a year ago, most shoppers would come in and ask for my “cheapest” cannabis, but now, people are requesting the “best.” I know this change is occurring, but I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because people bought from illegal dealers less than half a decade ago, and back then, you got what you got, and price was the only variable. But now that there’s a wide variety of legal cannabis, maybe people are slowly starting to lean towards quality over price. Or maybe it’s because legal cannabis has made it so a new, affluent demographic of shopper is buying weed. Or better yet, maybe the consumer base is being educated by a legal cannabis industry, and they’re starting to figure out that you get what you pay for when it comes to pot, just like you do with everything else. I’m not sure. Either way, the cannabis culture is changing into something that values quality over the “let’s get high off something cheap” paradigm that ruled the world back when pot was sold in plastic bags on street corners.

And I can prove it—if you’re an uber pot-nerd and you’d like to read something proving that trends are changing, you can read a bona fide study HERE that was commissioned by the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division to chart the changes in consumer purchasing trends. It shows exactly how the 302 metric tons (holy crap!) of cannabis that were sold in 2017 were allocated between flower and edibles and concentrates and whatnot. Granted, the study doesn’t delve into why the trends are changing, but it proves that they are.

But if you think about it, the “why” doesn’t really matter, and as an integral part of the legal cannabis community here in Colorado, it’s The Greenery’s job to take note of what consumers want and then provide it; that’s what we do. And this week, I wanted to write a post for all you connoisseurs out there and tell you about three top-end products that we’re selling for people with discerning tastes. Let’s get started…

1.) FSE Cartridges from Green Dot Labs.

Simply put, these are incredible. “FSE” stands for “full-spectrum extract,” which means that anything and everything you’ll find in the plant has made its way into these cartridges. Each of these carts is filled with 500mg of the purest, terpene-rich FSE on the market. Green Dot Labs uses in-house genetics for their carts (meaning they grow custom varietals to make the best concentrates) to provide Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid options. I never recommend this product for newbies because it gets you very high, but if you’re a connoisseur, this cartridge is for you because there honestly isn’t a better one on the planet.

2.) Boutique Flower from The Greenery Grow.

We really do grow the best pot in Durango. I’ve written about it before (for more, click HERE) because we’re so proud of our cultivation facility, but it’s all worth saying twice. We use good bugs to kill the bad bugs instead of using caustic pesticides; we pump CO2 particulates onto the fanleaves to increase photosynthesis; we use light-emitting ceramic bulbs that are better than the sun. We do everything possible to grow the highest-quality cannabis to ever grace this mountain town, so if you’re a connoisseur, it’s pointless to shop elsewhere.

3.) Artisanal Chocolate Truffles from Coda Signature.

Coda’s head chocolatier, Lauren Gockley, is one of the ten best in the nation, and I’m not just talking about chocolatiers who make cannabis edibles. This is one of those rare occasions wherein one of the best names in the culinary world decided to play her hand in the cannabis industry, and we’ve all won as a result. Coda’s chocolate can hold its own right alongside the best confections out there and it gets you high, which is a definite win-win. And the hand-painted truffles from Coda (which come in flavors like tiramisu, earl grey, passion fruit, and burnt caramel) are firmly in the connoisseur lane because they’re made from ethically-sourced chocolate, pure CO2 cannabis oil, and unrivaled artistry.

There you go. If you’re one of the discerning customers out there who values quality over thrift, you really should come into our Durango dispensary—we’re selling the best of the best, because if you’re a connoisseur, We’re Your Best Buds too!

Water-Soluble vs. Lipid-Soluble THC

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I know this blog has a dry title, but this is important stuff, so hang in there; I promise you’ll learn something new. Let’s get started…

When most edibles are made, they’re infused with a distilled oil because it checks most of the boxes: it doesn’t taste too much like pot, it’s potent, and it’s easy to infuse with foods. But the box it doesn’t check deals with how long it takes for the high to kick in—it can take up to two hours, so an edible high is something for which you need to plan. The reason? Distillates are oils, and oils are lipid-soluble, meaning the THC needs to bind with fats which are then processed in your liver, and that takes time.

And that “time” time has always bothered me, just as it bothered Justin Singer, who is one of the founders of “Ripple,” an infused edibles manufacturer that supplies The Greenery with products. But Singer did something about it when it bothered him (instead of complaining like I do) and he invented a water-soluble form of THC distillate. With this new form of concentrate, the THC doesn’t need to bind with fats and be processed in the liver: it gets into your system via absorption as soon as you eat it, and it does so in three different places: sublingually (under your tongue), intestinally, and hepatically (in your liver). It’s all thanks to osmosis, which is a property of water-soluble compounds that allows them to permeate the semipermeable membranes in your body—the science is fun, but all you really need to know is that edibles made with Ripple can take effect after twenty or thirty minutes, which is awesome.

Secondly, believe it or not, Singer was thinking about his grandmother when he invented Ripple because she wanted the relief that can come from cannabinoids, but she didn’t want the sugar that’s inherent to most of the sweet edibles on the market. And as such, when Singer invented Ripple, he made it sugar-free—not only will Ripple products kick in sooner, they’re compatible with low-glycemic diets. Cool, right? And this is important because people over fifty make up the fastest-growing demographic of cannabis consumers (click HERE for a corroborating article), and sugar content is important to these individuals for obvious reasons. Let’s get into the specific Ripple products you can find in our Durango dispensary:

1.) Ripple Pure 10. This product sells for $29 out-the-door, and each bottle contains 10 packets (10mg THC each, for a total of 100mg THC per bottle) of tasteless, odorless, instantly-dissolvable powder that can be added to any drink or food to turn it into a cannabis-infused edible. You can put it in water or juice (or spaghetti sauce, for that matter), so the versatility of this product is unparalleled.

2.) Ripple Balanced 5. The pricing and usage of this product is similar to the Pure 10, but each packet in this product contains a powder that delivers 5mg THC and 5mg CBD for consumers who are looking for the high of THC and the medicinal properties of CBD all in one place.

3.) Ripple relief 20:1. Again, the price and usage are the same for this product as with the last two, but each of these packets delivers 10mg CBD and 0.5mg THC for consumers who are looking for the benefits of CBD without the high of THC. Seriously, Singer covered all the bases when he rolled out Ripple.

Now, that’s all dandy, but what about those of us who like sweet edibles? Face it: sometimes gummies are fun, and if you don’t want to mess around with powders and liquids, but you still want a fast-acting edible, Ripple has you covered with these three products:

1.) Stillwater Blood Orange Gummies. This product sells for $24 out-the-door, and it contains 20, 5mg THC gummies for a total of 100mg THC per container. Thanks to these delicious gummies, we have a bona fide fast-acting edible on our shelves. And this product is doubly awesome because with most gummies, you get 10mg servings instead of 5mg servings, so you can control your serving size much more accurately with this product.

2.) Stillwater Green Tea Mango Gummies. This product is $24 after tax as well, and you still get 20 gummies per container, but each serving delivers 2.5mg THC and 2.5mg CBD for the balance quite a few people ask for when they come into our dispensary.

3.) Stillwater Honey Lavender Gummies. This product is also $24 OTD and it contains 20 servings as well, but each gummy delivers 5mg CBD and 0.25mg THC for the high-free CBD experience for which medicinal shoppers are looking.

RSO in Durango

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There’s still no such thing as genuine RSO in Durango, so I stand by the first blog I wrote about it that you can read HERE. Rick Simpson still lives in Croatia, and he still spends his days sending nastygrams to people in Colorado who slap Rick’s name on their oil. That being said, there’s something new we’re carrying in our Durango dispensary you need to know about: oil capsules from Sweet.

Let me back up and explain a couple things. Like I said in that first blog, Rick Simpson made his oil in his backyard with alcohol, cannabis, a bucket, and a stick. People think Rick Simpson oil is the bee’s knees because it was the first oil to become famous, but let me tell you, nowadays, we’ve progressed quite a bit since the “stick and bucket” days. So please, please, please believe me when I tell you that modern oils are better than the old ones, even though we don’t use Rick Simpson’s famous name.

To make cannabis oil today, we use liquid CO2, a pressurized stainless-steel vessel, and a rotary evaporator. See what I mean about progression? But here’s the important part: when most CO2 oil is produced, it’s winterized with ethanol to take out all the lipids and impurities to make the oil vaporizable, but most people looking for an edible oil want these things because they’re searching for “whole-plant” oil. So, Sweet listened when they made their CO2 oil capsules, and they skipped the winterization process; doing so allowed them to keep all the lipids and secondary plant compounds in their oil for that whole-plant effect people are looking for when they search for RSO.

The only other ingredient in the Sweet capsule is coconut oil, so you won’t need to worry about additives you can’t pronounce. And we sell 10-packs of these capsules (available in either Indica or Sativa) for $24 after tax. Each capsule delivers 10mg THC (and sometimes, a couple milligrams of CBD) for a total of 100mg THC per package. And if you’re looking for RSO, I’d recommend that you come in and try these capsules even though you won’t find Rick’s name anywhere on the packaging, because they were made with science instead of a stick. Sounds legit, right?

So, if you’re one of the many RSO-hunters who calls in daily or reads blogs like this (and you’re 21 or over with a valid I.D.), come see Your Best Buds at our Durango dispensary on 208 Parker Avenue, and we’ll send you on your way with the modern-day version of RSO!