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The Grand Junction Greenery is open!

The Grand Junction Greenery is open! Or rather, I should say that The Grand Junction Greenery is finally open. Did you know that we’ve been here for over two years? We have. We’ve had keys to that building on 762 Horizon Drive in our pockets pretty much since the day all you lovely GJ locals voted to legalize adult sales, and even though it took forever to get here, it’s time to celebrate: there’s now a “Grand Junction dispensary near me,” according to google.

But first, we should introduce ourselves. So, hello! We’re The Grand Junction Greenery, and we’re the newest dispensary in The Greenery family. Our first dispensary was born in Durango way back in the day; we were one of the first recreational-only dispensary in the southwest of Colorado. We’re no strangers to the Western Slope because we’ve been here for a decade. We have a cultivation license, a consulting company, and we also operate The Hash Factory, which is the only company in Colorado producing traditional concentrates such as Moroccan and Lebanese Hashish. It’s nice to meet you!

Our claim to fame is all the superlatives: we really do have the best pricing; the best customer service; the best selection of cannabis products; the best location at 762 Horizon Drive; the best and most welcoming dispensary sales floor; the best and highest-quality products; that’s us in a nutshell. 

But still, we can’t wait to meet all of you in person. Grand Junction is an impressive city that’s experiencing all sorts of growth, and we’re proud to be a part of it—we’re honored to grow right along with you, and that started yesterday when we unlocked the doors for our soft opening. And it’ll continue this Friday, November 17th for our Grand Opening!

We’re celebrating the day with more specials than you can shake a joint at, but the best one is that since it’s our birthday, the first 100 people who walk in the door will get a 100mg Birthday Cake Bar from Incredibles for ten cents. Fun, right? There’s more: if you spend $60 after tax, we’re get you a 1g joint for a buck, but if you get up to $100, you’ll also get 2g of kief for another buck. The rest of the list is ridiculously long, so check out the poster. Given the high pricing Grand Junction has been dealing with for years (and the long drive), you probably wouldn’t believe the promotions if I talked about them anyway.

However, you do need to know that local Grand Junction residents will save 10% off every order, every day. Offers like that aren’t just for grand openings, and neither is our permanent 15% discount for vets. Things like this matter. And the fun part is that if all you locals come to visit, you’ll meet other locals, because that’s who we’ve hired to run our operations; it feels good bringing permanent jobs to a town like Grand Junction.

So, we’ll see you soon! We’ll be right here at 762 Horizon Drive, and if you’ve got questions, give us a call at (970) 424-5888, or shoot us an email via It’s our promise to you to provide the best of literally everything; please come see us so we can prove that We’re Your Best Buds!