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New Year, New Products

durango dispensary

Happy New Year! Everyone loves this time of year thanks to one cliché or another (you know, “new year, new me” or, “new year, new beginnings”), but what about “new year, new products”? Frankly, novelty is a good thing because it breaks molds and habits, and when it comes to the retail side of things, we know that the only reason any of our shoppers would go elsewhere is to try something new (we know this because we’re the highest-rated dispensary in Durango, so what else could it be?). So, instead of letting you regulars slip through our fingers thanks to stagnation, we’re always trying to bring into our Durango dispensary the newest and bestest products on the market so you can find novelty in the same old place. And this week, I wanted to talk about our five newest products so you could hear about the “new” from the comfort of home. Let’s begin!

First, we’ve recently brought on a new gummy from Binske, but of course, since Binske is arguably the trendiest cannabis company out there, they call their gummies “Pate De Fruits” because they use a recipe that mirrors a classic French confectionary. These things are delicious, they’re vegan so everyone can enjoy them (and they won’t break many resolutions), and they’re $24 after tax, which is an awesome deal. Lastly, Binske won Leafly’s “Edible Brand of the Year” award in 2018, and all their gummies come in reusable tins decorated with outlandish art, so it’s a win-win.

Next comes the Altus Capsules. This is another product we sell for $24 after tax (but for a pro tip, come get them on Tuesday when all our edibles are 15% off), and you’ll love them. We know that you travelers out there are looking for the most discrete edible you can find, and in that light, there’s nothing better than a capsule because the bottle isn’t much bigger than a tube of Chapstick, and the capsules themselves could be mistaken for regular pills. Each package contains 20 capsules, each of which delivers 5mg THC, and we have both Sativa and Indica options available for those of you who are looking for discrete edibles that can give either an energetic or a relaxing experience.

Third would be the vape cartridges from Shift, and when it comes to the newest and bestest, this product is right at the top. Unlike all the cartridges we’ve sold before, the Shift cart is filled with 500mg of PHO, which stands for “Propane Hash Oil.” When producers use propane instead of CO2 or Butane to extract cannabis oil from flower, they can do so at lower temperatures and pressures. This means that the oil comes out as a bright yellow, and that the terpenes that would be lost via a different extraction method are preserved. And Shift takes things a step further because they actually list the terpenes contained in each cart right on the back of the box, which is definitely next-level.

Our fourth new product would be the Straight-Up Milk Chocolate Bar from Dixie. I know that a simple milk chocolate bar doesn’t sound that exciting, but it is. We realized recently that every chocolate bar we sell is flavored with mint or toffee or something else, and we didn’t want to leave all you plain chocolate lovers in the lurch. You can bake more easily with chocolate that doesn’t have secondary flavors, and unlike any other infused bar on the market, this one gives you 8mg servings instead of 10mg, and you get 12 servings per bar instead of 10. That’s more servings that are slightly less potent than normal, which in my mind, is perfect.

The fifth and final new product is a topical: the Aliviar Cream from Med Pharm. Simply put, this stuff is amazing for people who are looking for the benefits of cannabis without the high, and as a fun fact, “aliviar” means “relieve” in Spanish. A 2oz jar of this stuff will cost you $62 after tax, but it’s worth it because this is the most potent lotion we sell—it contains 420mg CBD and 210mg THC, which is insane. And the lotion itself is as good as they get because this company has a bona fide PhD on staff, and their niosome-driven “Lipophilic Enhanced Absorption Formula” makes the Aliviar Cream one of the fastest-acting cannabis topicals on the market. We’re selling both an unscented cream and a Rosemary Lavender version, so we have even the pickiest lotion connoisseur covered.

See what I mean about novelty? It’s fun. Besides that, it’s going to be an exciting year. Cannabis legalization is still sweeping the nation with plenty of planned votes, so more new products are bound to pop up, and we’re always looking for the best new genetics to grow in our greenhouse, so even our plain old flower lineup will get a facelift in 2020. And I know for a fact that we’ll be doing all sorts of new stuff in 2020 just to keep you captivated, so please keep checking our menu. Either way, we simply want to wish you and yours a happy and safe New Year, because We’re Your Best Buds!